US could expect at least 100.000 coronavirus deaths

US coronavirus deaths

The White House said on Tuesday that the US could expect between 100,000 and 240,000 coronavirus deaths, even with social distancing. “What would happen if people stayed home, what would happen if people were careful every day to wash their hands and worry about touching their faces”, said Dr. Deborah Birx for President Donald Trump’s daily coronavirus conference.

The Doctor added that she is hopes the number will decrease: “We really believe and hope every day we can do a lot better than that, because that’s not assuming 100% [cooperation from] every American, everything they are supposed to be doing. But I think that’s possible” she said.

If people don’t follow the government’s guidance, projections show that the US could expect between 1.5 million and 2.2 million coronavirus deaths, warned Dr. Birx.

The White House task force charts showed that the top-line deaths will be 240.000. However, Birx said that 200.000 was the high end of what the government is currently expecting.

When asked about the change in numbers, Dr. Birx stated that “it just has to do with if you had more New Yorks and New Jerseys. Chicago, Detroit, LA, Dallas, Houston- all of our major cities, modelled like New York, that’s what gets us in trouble.”

Birx said that the projections for every city are based on people social distancing by six feet when they are outside. She also said that it is the key to controlling the virus.

Now, there are over 186.000 cases of COVID-19 in the US alone and over 3.000 deaths.

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