Unfollow! Unfriend! Block! – how not to waste your energy


In the past few years, social media has become one of the most stressful environments (or so it has been for me). This is the story of how I got rid of all the negative energy and people on social media, and the story of why you should do so too. Hopefully, it will motivate you to unfollow, unfriend, and block all the unnecessary people.

These days, while being caught up in work and house chores, I have realised how little I get to spend on social media and how this is not quality time, not at all.

As the obsessive-compulsive girl that I am, I immediately freaked out when I came to the conclusion that I’ve got so many people that I can’t stand in my friend lists: toxic relatives, middle school classmates that I have never even talked to, strangers that I have no common interests with… This is just like not taking the trash out, even when it basically looks like it’s begging to.

I asked myself: is this actually worth my energy and time?

Seeing selfies of people that are just arrogantly happy, seeing people pretend to have it better than the rest of us, just for the sake of being popular, upsetting others or making them reconsider their life choices, unrealistic beauty standards… Is it worth seeing such things daily?

What are the consequences?

The results of this are obvious: poor self-esteem, the need for validation, suicidal thoughts, mental illnesses and many others related.

Why not fill up the little time I get to spend on social media with art, vines, news or educative articles?

This does not only apply to the things you see on social media, but to real life too. You may say that you can’t filter the things you encounter in real life as easily as you can do with the ones that are online. Well, girl, you can!

Un-know a tiring person right away!

Stop being so polite, for your own sake! Stop putting up with everyone’s bs just because they are family, or because you have been friends for long, or because you have such beautiful memories together and you couldn’t just let them go! Unfollow, unfriend and block in real life too! See how peaceful your life gets afterwards.

On keeping your followers and like count as high as possible

As when it comes to social media, why keep on following someone that’s got a rotten personality? Just because you are afraid they will unfollow you as well? If you consider this to be your problem, I think you should reconsider your priorities and choices.

Basically, what I’m saying is that you shouldn’t tolerate anyone you don’t feel like tolerating. Unless, of course, you’re a teenager and your parents force you to. In that case, tolerate them as little as you possibly can.
Time and energy are, without a doubt, priceless. Spend them wisely.


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