Unexpected review about Mario Badescu facial spray

mario badescu facial spray

Around two months ago I bought Mario Badescu facial spray without reading any reviews before. I posted it on Instagram and some of my friends told me that they are bad for my skin. They have components that can cause allergies, fragrances, too much acid, other chemical stuff that I can not remember, even steroids. I was shocked because I didn’t do a research before buying any of these online. I just wanted to get my money back as I was scared that the products may give me some side effects. At first, I didn’t want to use them but, as the price was pretty high, I decided to use them anyway. If I see any reaction on my face, like breakouts, rashes, redness, eczema, I would stop using it immediately. But I was happily surprised when the products were more than amazing for my face.


  • The sprayer – the puf-puf thing

Many people on YouTube did a lot of videos regarding Mario Badescu’s cosmetics and many of the complaints were about the facial spray and its puf-puf thing as the particles of water coming out of the bottle weren’t uniform. When people use it to spray on their faces, it was more like 4-5 big spots of water on several parts of their face and not all over the face with small balls as the head of the bottle couldn’t spray uniform. I can say I had this problem too but it was only for the first 10 to 12 pumps. After that, it works perfectly fine, giving small bubbles all over the face. I had no problems with the pump on top.

  • The consistency

Another thing about the composition is the consistency. Many find it pretty strange, like too gluey or too sticky on the face after you pulverize it. I tried a lot of facial sprays and many of them have the exact same consistency, some are worse and some might be better just because they are more watery, but I find this one pretty comfortable. I can feel my face and I don’t feel my pores clogged. The gluey consistency is based on the fragrances and oils that it contains,  so this is one of the things that helps your skin because it keeps it hydrated.

On the other hand, the formula is very light so I can’t really feel it on my face when I put it that’s why I feel the need to spray half a bottle at once.

  • The effect

The third thing about the spray is that it was not healthy and adequate for your skin. Many said that it contains formulas, chemical components, allergens, strong fragrances, steroids that cause breakouts, severe acne, rashes, redness, allergies, dryness. To be honest, I did not experience any of the things above, even though I used them almost every night and every morning. Moreover, they helped me a little bit with my acne as my face was always hydrated, reducing the production of sebum. This way I don’t get so many new pimples and the old ones healed better and faster.

At the same time, it helped me with my dryness and give my skin a little bit more of a glow than usual. Not even after two months, didn’t I get any side effect or anything that youtubers or my friends said. My skin is just fine but a little bit out braking because of the stress I’ve got from exams – so the spray is not working or coping with breaking out from stress.

  • The rose water

The rose water is the one that I used the least because I think it is for sensitive and dry skin and I feel it a little bit too heavy on my face. Mostly, I use it in the morning because after I wash my face my skin becomes very dry so I have to keep it moist. That’s when I use the rose water. It didn’t cause me any breakouts so I’m pretty happy about it but I used only 3 fingers of the bottle since I got it. I recommend it for those people that do not have strong acne problems and they are around 30 as this one is more likely to be good for that old-young glow.

  • The lavender water

The lavender water is the one that I used the most. It has vitamin C that is known for its properties on antioxidants and keeping the skin young. At the same time, it helped me with my acne scars and dark circles because, somehow, it made them fade, having an uniform colour with the rest of my face. I use this one mostly at night, on top of my moisturiser. It makes my skin shiny but also fixes the cream that I have on my face, stopping it from spreading all over my pillow cases or clothes and hair.

  • The cucumber water

The cucumber water is the one that I use in the rest of the time. It’s the most hydrating one and, comparing it to the rose water, this one works better on oily complexion because it’s giving nutrients from the water in cucumbers which is still water-based. I recommend this for people with acne like blackheads or pustules as it keeps your skin hydrated. You are not secreting anymore sebum that might cause new pimples or any new kind of acne. This one helped me a lot getting rid of those menstruation pimples but also with the one that I’ve got from stress. Thought, those pimples I dried out with another cream before.


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