Understanding Gen Z language. The basics-II


Gen Z, while chaotic, messy, and mentally unhealthy, are also thought to be the most intelligent and powerful generation (politically, economically etcetera). What makes Gen Z, Gen Z is their desire to be inclusive of every race, sexuality, but mostly their specific language.

Want to understand Gen Z better? Why not start by learning a bit of their language?
Here are 8 other Gen Z slang idioms:


used when talking about a person/situation/object etc that was involved in a flare-up and now seems to be “out of fashion”. We hear it used as if the specific thing was previously unanimously decided to be universally irrelevant.
It has been decided that the beauty standards set by society are cancelled!


(noun) represents someone that is head over heels after someone and that would do anything to win them over.
I would rather say he’s a simp. He’s doing this with every girl that gives him attention.
(verb) to do anything in order to win someone over.
You’re simping quite hard over that girl. You like her, don’t you?


a terribly wrecked situation. Despite most expectations, it is not related in any way to testicles. It refers to an old practice of sailors that consisted of putting up large, brightly-coloured wooden balls on their boats to warn everyone of the dangers they were facing.
Balls-up! She looks mad.


(verb) In Gen Z language, to snicker means to giggle not in a playful, sweet way, but evilly, to laugh at someone’s bad luck.
*snickers* I told her their team would never win.
(noun) used to talk about people of colour but disrespectfully (in a racist way).
My dad is the most racist man I’ve ever met, he used to call my black friend “snicker“.
(noun) someone that’s always got your back.
I ain’t got many snickers, no one to rely on.

All that

When saying that someone’s “all that” we mean that they possess all the good qualities that one could have.
My parents don’t like him but I’m pretty sure he’s all that.


short for baby, babe, bae, boo.
Missed you, b!


To start/have beef with someone means to start/go through drama with a specific person.
I could go ask Jenny but we’ve had beef for a few months now. She’s flirted with MY boyfriend at MY birthday party.


To be cap means to be a lie.
Can you please just tell the truth this time? No cap!

Slang: not only does it save your time or lets you communicate easier and more fun with friends, but it helps you understand the younger and their way of thinking.


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