Understanding Gen Z language. The basics-I

We’re all into slang. It’s easy, fun and most importantly, time-saving. While Boomers, Baby Boomers, Millenials and Gen X use it from time to time to spice things up, the Gen Z seem to have adopted it as their first language. They have even developed it further.

What even is slang?

Slang, short for street language simply means, as its name suggests, informal, colloquial language. Slang includes abbreviations, for example, brb, gtg, ily, and so forth, or even: y’all, hafta, kinda, b etcetera.
Here you have some interesting Gen Z slang you should definitely get using asap;)

Grab bag

(noun) used mostly when talking about women, a person you have no idea about how they look as they mostly wear baggy, saggy clothing.
She always wears this baggy training suit, what a grab bag.
(noun) an item that has previously been categorised as trash but that looks promising or potentially of great use to you.
I just came back from Andy’s garage sale. I saw lots of grab bags but I didn’t have enough money on me. I’m thinking of going back tomorrow.

Watermelon sugar

(noun) one of Harry Style’s most famous songs.
How can you dislike pop? Have you listened to Harry’s Watermelon sugar?
(noun) a ’90s type of heroin (most famous in Georgia) that had a sweet, fruity taste. You’d consume it by rubbing it on your gums, tongue etcetera.
I miss having sum watermelon sugar with you, man.


the equivalent of groovy (the boomer version). Meaning insane, incredible, extraordinary.
Too bad she didn’t get into that guvy cooking school.


(noun) man who manages prostitutes and takes away a percentage of the money they make in exchange for his management services.
To get a prostitute, you would have to talk to her pimp first.
(noun) a word currently used when desiring to say you have got lots of people to hook up with.
He’s the pimp of the high school, he has hooked up with all the girls here.


(verb) to throw something unexpectedly at full speed using all your strength.
… then she just yeeted her pillow at me.
(interjection) usually shouted while yeeting something or to express extreme happiness, joy, exhilaration, cheerfulness.
Let’s see if I can get the trash can. YEET!
Whether you just cannot keep up with the youngsters, or at least understand your kids’ texts or language, slanging may be the first thing you want to get into!


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