Underrated Music You Might Like

Let’s talk about an amazing subject: music.
Music is everywhere around us and it has a huge variety of genres and subgenres.
Today we are going to talk about, a really nice subgenre, from my perspective, of the EDM scene – breakcore. It is a subgenre that emerged from jungle, hardcore, and drum and bass in the ‘90s.
The first time I’ve listened to breakcore I didn’t understand much of it. The friend that introduced me to this kind of music ironically called it “dubstep before dubstep”. It was a total mess of drums, bass, snares and weird samples all played at incredibly high bmp (around 180 and 190 bpm).
This is the kind of music that you have to train your ears for in order to enjoy. As I listened to more and more breakcore, that mess I described to you above started to take shape so beautifully in my head. It was like I was listening to classical music, but played on drums.
The song that introduced me to the world of breakcore is “Who Wants Cake?” by Aron Funk, also known as Venetian Snares from the album “My So-Called Life”. It’s kind of brutal, but then I discovered the “Rossz Csillag Alatt Született” album. That’s when I this subgenre’s beauty. The orchestral samples combined with the rapid drums were perfectly balanced and it felt as if I had a braingasm.

Venetian Snares has released 52 albums since his debut in 1992. He is awesome, go check him out.

Another breakcore artist would be Ruby My Dear. His projects are a little bit more romantic, calmer. As an example, I would compare “Where’s Bill” by V Snares with “The Dreaming Tree” by Ruby My Dear.
He does have some more violent stuff, but he released these projects under the name of “Doc Colibri”.
When I discovered breakcore I was in my metalhead teenage phase where nothing seemed superior to metal, but then I realized that music is not just rock, it’s everything. It made me be more open to new genres of music. It had a strong and positive impact on me and my taste in music.
Maybe you will like it too.
Give it a try!
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