Uncertainty: 4 useful methods to live with it


We are living in times of uncertainty due to the pandemic and our lives have changed completely since last year. People fear for their health and for the outcome of this situation; some of them are convinced that we will never get back to normalcy. We feel like prisoners in our houses, we miss our lives and past freedoms, and we easily experience an emotional breakdown. We may also have other personal concerns that make us feel insecure, stressed, but we can turn these feelings into hope for a better future. It’s a matter of perspective regarding uncertainty.


Accept uncertainty

Nothing is certain, so you should not waste your energy stressing over this. Accepting the uncertainty of the present moment is important because we accept our emotions, our fears about the present, and we can get over it faster. It’s better to think that nothing is permanent, things will improve or maybe not, but there is no use in stressing over anything, just accept the present difficulties and save energy that will help you move on.




Taking care of yourself improves your mental health and makes you happier and more confident. Instead of allowing your anxiety to ruin your inner peace, you’d better find some useful activities that help you become a better person, such as reading, watching a movie, or you can work out, learn a foreign language, sleep earlier, eat healthier, clean your room, journal your thoughts, practice skin-care routine, call your parents or go for a walk. Try new activities and aim at improving yourself every day.


Positive thinking


When we feel stressed and anxious, we tend to have negative thoughts that make us think of bad future scenarios. Negativity can enhance stress and trigger emotional reactions. For this reason, it’s important not to believe everything you think, and be aware of negative thoughts before these affect your emotions. Negative thinking induces fear and may cause people to lose opportunities in their life because of the scenarios they make in their heads.

Instead, practice positive thinking about the future, about yourself and others, be hopeful and present in the moment, and you shall make your own opportunities. It takes practice to control your thoughts, focus on the positive side and be mindful of your own attitude.


Group activities


You can bring your own contribution to your community, and improve your relationships with family, colleagues, or acquaintances. As a part of a community, people are interested in collective well-being. You can take part in a group activity and find your purpose there, make a change in the system or start a project to help the unfortunate people. This kind of preoccupation will make you feel a better person, more grateful for what you have, and less worried about the uncertainty of the future.


Remember that you have to be the one emotionally supporting yourself, by managing your thoughts and emotional responses. Everybody needs to find his role in society, make their contribution and improve both their life and the others’. You have to take responsibility for your own perception of life and its uncertainty.


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