TV shows: 3 reasons why rewatching them makes us feel better and safer

TV shows: 3 reasons why rewatching them makes us feel better and safer

From the moment I have discovered certain tv shows, I could not stop watching them during various moments of my life. I personally did not watch that many series as I watched the same ones all over again.

I have seen Friends 11 times, Gilmore Girls 8 times, Suits 5 times, and How I met your mother 4 times, and, clearly, some other new ones, but only one or two times.

For a lot of time, I did not even think that there might be an actual reason behind rewatching these series, just the fact that they simply make me happy. But lately, I have been wondering what is really behind this.

I think I found 3 reasons that in my case really explain why I have the tendency to watch these tv shows all over again rather than starting new ones and they might fit your situations too.

  1. We are constantly changing and we see the tv shows from other perspectives

I have realized that I rewatched these tv shows according to the point of my life I was in. If I needed some comfort regarding relationships, I watched a certain tv show, if I felt I was in a period of self-development, another tv show, if I needed help to deal with anxiety, another one, and so on.

Each and every single series teaches the audience multiple life lessons, but, as far as I am concerned, they cannot be learned all at once. We need to experience similar things so we can understand every lesson they present.

I am now rewatching How I met your mother and I have discovered many more advice, stories, circumstances, and lessons than in the past and I am only now understanding the deep meanings of some events that were presented in the show.

Lately, I went through a period with a lot of difficulties and changes and, even though it was not on purpose, my perspective on life, relationships, friendships, work has changed radically and this is why I honestly feel like I am watching this tv show for the first time.

  1. The fear of discovering new things determines us to rewatch the old ones

With or without anxiety, there is always the slightest feeling of fear when we experience something new that we don’t know anything about. For me, this is what also happens when it comes to tv shows.

When I watch these series, I know everything that will happen, there is no tiny bit of uncertainty and I can watch it and understand it better like this because I am not focused on the action itself, but on what is behind it, the meaning it has.

The first time I am watching something, I think it is for the plot, for the actual story, but with every other time I am rewatching it, the reason becomes the lessons I am constantly discovering and the comfort the series gave me.

  1. We have a better understanding of the tv show if we see it repeatedly

Regarding tv shows that are long and have a high number of seasons and episodes, it is hard to see all the details when you first watch them. For example, in How I met you mother there are a lot of hidden details, that at a first sight, are almost impossible to find.

But the thing is that without all of the details, the story is not even complete. Of course, it still makes sense but is not truly complete. These hidden details make the characters who they really are and help us understand their lessons and developments even better.

When I first watched Friends, I thought that I relate the most to Rachel, but now I think of Monica. In How I met your mother, the first time I really thought I related to Robin, but now, in this moment of my life, I am most definitely a Lily.

Therefore, rewatching tv shows help us understand the story better, make us feel safer, and, most importantly, help us understand ourselves better.


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