TV Shows: 10 Incredible Feel-Good TV Shows


Has the weather gotten you down? Are you going through a stressful period? Is there a lot of pressure on you right now? Not to worry! These incredible feel-good TV shows might be the perfect way for you to relax and take a break.

  • Modern Family

incredible feel-good TV shows

This show follows three very different, yet related families as they deal with their kids, spouses, or just life in general. A comedy that will lighten your mood and teach you some valuable lessons along the way. Very light-hearted and fun!


  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine

incredible feel-good TV shows

A team of very diverse detectives tries to solve crimes in Brooklyn, New York. They all have very different personalities and ways of doing the job, but teamwork always makes the dream work!

A show that I discovered by accident but have watched many times since. Totally worth it!


  • The Good Place

incredible feel-good TV shows

I’m sure we’ve all wondered what happens to us after we die. The series puts forth the theory that if you lead a noble enough life, you get to go to “The good place”. The show follows the main character, Eleanor, whose life on earth wasn’t worthy enough to make it to the good side, but she does everything in her power to stay there and hide her true identity.

And not to influence you too much, but even former president Barack Obama put this show on his favorites list. So, you know it has to be good!


  • The Office

incredible feel-good TV shows

A group of co-workers from Scranton, Pennsylvania go are faced with hilarious challenges under the command of their boss, Michael Scott. Their job at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company is anything but a boring regular desk job.

Yet again, we are introduced to a very varied group of people, with their own beliefs, values, and lifestyles.


  • Parks and Recreation

incredible feel-good TV shows

If you enjoyed watching “The Office”, you will enjoy this one too!

The show is a mockumentary that follows the main character, Leslie Knope as she tries to turn a disused construction site into a park for the entire community of Pawnee (a fictional town in Indiana). However, this is not an easy job for the deputy director of the Parks and Recreation Department, as she has to deal with a lot of bureaucratic and societal issues.

A political satire done right!


  • Bob’s Burgers

incredible feel-good TV shows

This animation trails the life of the Belchers and their family restaurant. Bob Belcher is the dad of the family and the restaurant’s only cook. He is also the only person that seems to be down to earth in a very quirky family with three incredibly creative children.


  • Rupaul’s Drag Race

incredible feel-good TV shows


The competition has a little bit of everything. From singing, dancing, acting, and photoshoots to overall very funny and entertaining challenges. This show gathers drag queens from all over the world as they compete to be the next winner.

An overall incredibly captivating show that is sure to take your mind off the stress of everyday life.


  • Friends

incredible feel-good TV shows


I’m sure, by now, most of us have already seen this series multiple times. But in case you haven’t, the show follows a group of six friends and their everyday adventures living in Manhattan, New York. Life may not always be going great, but at least you have friends you can fall back on.

And if you’ve already seen it, this is your sign to rewatch it and be immersed in nostalgia.


  • Sex and the City

incredible feel-good TV shows

Four women, four personalities, four different perspectives about career, life, and love. Much like “Friends”, they are always there for each other and manage to unconditionally support one another’s choices. As we all should.

A show that is so much more than its title suggests and that will teach you that being a woman comes in many forms.


  • Nailed It!

incredible feel-good TV shows

If you enjoy professional cooking shows, well, this is not one of them. “Nailed it!” gathers amateur bakers as they try to put their knowledge to the test in the kitchen and recreate very intricate pastries. As you can imagine, the result is almost always questionable, but incredibly funny and entertaining, nonetheless.

A cooking show that will make you feel better about your own cooking skills.


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