TV series and their bad endings

It doesn’t matter if a TV series receives great ratings or draws in millions of viewers per episode. Unfortunately, good endings are not always guaranteed. But does this happen because we have high expectations? Or does this happen because show creators run out of ideas? Here are two TV series endings that didn’t live up to fans’ expectations:

1. Supernatural (2005-2020)

’’Supernatural’’ is one of my favorite shows. I watched eleven seasons out of fifteen. But I had to stop after the 11th season because the plot was becoming repetitive and boring. The show is about two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester. Its first season starts off with Dean and Sam carrying on the family business (hunting and killing supernatural beings) after their father mysteriously disappeared. Eric Kripke, the creator of the show, once considered that the fifth season should have been the last one. Sam being trapped in Hell and Dean moving on with his life could have been a great conclusion for the series.
After season five, Kripke had stepped down as a showrunner, even if ’’Supernatural’’ got renewed for another season.
On the 20th of November (the day of the series finale) ’’Supernatural’’ fans took over Twitter. Some said that they stopped watching it after the fifth season because that’s how the initial storyline should have been concluded. Others reacted to the ending by making funny yet sad tweets or memes. Majority of their posts were about how each season got progressively worse. But the main reason why everyone had negative reactions to the ending was Dean’s death. Dean, who has managed to survive in every season by fighting against demons, vampires, gods, angels, ghosts. He is no stranger to death.
This character has physically been in Hell and Purgatory. Also, he has fought against Lucifer. So, why did showrunners decide to let him die for good by making him run into a nail? A misplaced nail in a vampire nest, out of all things.

2. Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017)

Another TV series that I’ll talk about is ‘’Pretty Little Liars’’. I really enjoyed watching it, to be honest. But the ending was bad.
The show is about four best friends, Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer, whose lives revolve around the disappearance of their other friend, Alison. Also known as the leader of their friend group. Their friendship falls apart after Alison is not in their lives anymore. One year later, a random text from someone called ‘’A’’ reunites them once again. The four girls believe that this ‘’A’’ could be Alison.
Fans expressed their disappointment on the Internet, just like ‘’Supernatural’’ fans recently did. Everyone was convinced that this ‘’A’’ person was someone close to the girls. A parent, a boyfriend, an ex. But the fans were wrong. The showrunners added a very confusing plot twist by making Spencer’s evil twin the final ‘’A’’. Also known as ‘’A.D.’’ or Alex Drake, who took after Mona’s steps as the girls’ next tormentor. Even though Mona and Charlotte were in the original ‘’A’’ team, it seems that Spencer’s twin took the crown for the main antagonist after all. Which, of course, was a bad idea, considering the fact that the addition of a evil twin was a very random thing to do.
Why do great TV shows have bad endings?
My guess is that show creators or screenwriters never plan a fixed storyline. Another reason why this happens is because the majority of original showrunners quit after a few seasons. So, most of the time, TV series get renewed because they bring a lot of money. The plot is ruined up to the point where fans watch a show just for the sake of watching, even if they don’t like how the story has progressed.


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