Trying – 3 reasons why it is exceedingly important


I know we live within a society that persuades us to be perfect, to never make mistakes and never be out of normalcy, but I am here to tell you precisely the opposite – be as quirky and unusual as you can be, because there lies your spirit.

If you are like me and you always find new hobbies and interests, always get distracted and enjoy little things, just like a kid, I am here to assure you that it’s totally fine! You don’t have to stick to a single hobby and make the best out of it – of course, no one says you can’t, but there is absolutely no pressure to live your life in a certain way.
You know what the key to evolution is?
To always, always try.
Do you want to do a new thing?
Don’t let yourself be discouraged by the other grumpy people who keep telling you that you can’t – just do the thing and see if it suits you. If it does, kudos to you, you’ve just found a new passion! If it doesn’t, no problem, move on and live your life as happily as you have before!
Other people don’t get to decide for you
I am fully aware that we live in this society that dictates us to be as successful as possible – naturally, one of the negative effects of social media is that we get to believe that, unless our success fits the social norm, it is invalid, unless other people get to see our realizations, they don’t exist!
Of course, at a mental level, we know that can’t be true, but subconsciously we are all influenced by the models perpetuated by social media.
Trust me, if your idea of success is to build a cabin, like Waldo, and live in the woods, then there you go – there is nothing to stop you or deny the accuracy of your desires!
Society makes you always want more
Don’t get me wrong, it is great for you to want more – but you have to know when to stop. Trying is amazing, as long as I doesn’t damage your health and it doesn’t waste all your time.
I know, this capitalist lifestyle is so enticing – it makes you dream about luxurious vacations and sparkling outfits created by Versace. But the honest question all of us have to ask is whether that truly makes us happy?
As I said before, don’t let the others decide for you.
For instance, my idea of happiness consists of traveling, reading and having great conversations with great people. I know what you’re about to say – yes, in order to do that I need money too. But don’t get me wrong, money is the means, not the ultimate purpose. Owning money doesn’t make us rich – it only makes us the slaves of an ideal that we’ll never achieve.
Be true to yourself no matter how much you’re tempted to hide beneath the image created by someone else.
Failing is only scandalous in your head
The truth is we are afraid to fail not only because we’ll feel disappointed with ourselves, but because of the way others would look at us.
“I am no good” we would say to ourselves.” I don’t deserve anything good because I wasn’t able to achieve this or that.” Is this type of speech familiar? Worry not, you’re not the only one thinking like that.
But you know what? It’s totally fine – the sooner you realize you define yourself by means of your professional and social achievements, the faster you’ll be able to break the toxic chain.
What I’m trying to say is that you should never actually consider yourself worthy or less worthy only based on your social and professional achievements- and the reason is of course to your advantage: you are much more than any achievement, so don’t let your brain believe that, unless it supports you to always win, you’ll be disappointed with it. Let your brain be your friend!
Alright, guys, this is it for today – I hope you’re staying hydrated, reading amazing books, enjoying the summer weather with your family and friends and always focus on the positive side of the world!


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