Trump’s impeachment and the reasons behind it


Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America, one of the most popular people on Twitter, but one of the most controversial political leaders, is acquitted on charges of abuse of power and Congress obstruction.

Why did they accuse Donald Trump?

In brief, they accused the leader of the White House of abuse of power after an anonymous source made public that he may have blackmailed the president of Ukraine. Trump would have cut off military aid to Ukraine if Volodymyr Zelensky had not sought the past of the President’s opponent. Joe Biden, the former Vice President of America, is Donald Trump’s main opponent for the 2020 election. Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, had to find spots in Trump’s past, in order to defend himself.

Democrats have decided that this is clear evidence of power abuse and congressional obstruction. Thus, they called for Trump’s investigation after they called several officials to testify. Senators, Republicans, they meant to turn against Trump.

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How did the vote go?

The abuse of power was the first charge. Utah Senator Mitt Romney was the only one who voted for Trump’s conviction. The final vote was 52-48 for the acquittal of Donald Trump. On the second charge, the US the same senator voted for the president’s innocence. The final vote was 53-47.

On the charge of abuse of power, only Mitt Romney turned against the president.  However, it all came down to the majority.

It is the third time in American history when a president is indicted. Also, it is the third time he is acquitted on all articles of suspension.

We don’t know what will come next, but we are waiting for a sequel. It will most probably be a delicious show.



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