Trump’s failure: California is overwhelmed by 10,000 new cases in just one day!


On Tuesday, California reported more than 10,000 coronavirus cases in a single day, a record-breaking daily count as the outbreak continues to surge across the state. Is this how Donald Trump “has everything under control”?

The 10,201 new cases reported on Tuesday took the total number of cases in California to nearly 284,000.

Robert Wachter, chair of the department of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, believes the state’s recent surge has to do with Californians’ “cavalier and careless” attitudes. Some non-essential businesses had opened and it was absolutely  unnecessary, according to the Monitor.

“Yes, we’re having a surge, but there will be fewer people that die here per capita than in states that have been less responsible”, Wachter told the Monitor.

At this moment, in The US, New York still leads the top of coronavirus cases. It recorded 403,000 cases and 6,536 deaths. Followed by:

California (284,000 cases and 6,536 deaths);

Texas (219,000 cases and 2,816 deaths);

Florida (214,000 cases and 3,840 deaths);

New Jersey (176,000 cases and 15,281 deaths)

The US can’t fight with the Coronavirus anymore and The President still thinks it’s a joke. Who’s to blame?


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