Trump’s Niece Claims He Has Psychological Disorders In Her New Book


With a doctorate in psychology and a surreal determination Mary Trump, the President’s niece, has attacked one of the most powerful people through her new book. She claims that her uncle has psychological disorders.

In Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, Mary Trump describes the real side of the President. Not only based on family drama, but also professional criticism as a clinical psychologist.

At the beginning of the book, she confirmed the reason why Trump is, well, the way he is. She describes his father as an abusive sociopath that hated his children. Their education was based on aggression as a source of power, and kindness as a first step to weakness.

Mary targeted Trump as the main character of the book because of his obviously damaged personality. She claims that he “suffers from a cocktail of psychological impairments”. The most critical of them is definitely the narcissism. As CBC said in their latest article, the President may also suffer by antisocial personality disorder, dependent personality disorder, a learning disorder and sleep disorder.

The book reveals “the darkest secrets” of Trump’s family. There are some things we all should know about the man who leads our country, and this book has them all.

We are human and we all have issues. But the fact that we let someone as psychically instable as Donald Trump to represent The US, makes us the damaged ones. Think before you vote, vote before it’s too late.



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