Trump Is Becoming More Of A Meme Instead Of A President

Trump meme

Donald Trump claims to be “a patriot” on a social media post just because he wears a mask. Is Trump becoming more of a meme instead of a President?

It’s not something unusual for the President to post stupid things on Facebook & Twitter but the level of absurdity of his latest post is unbelievable.

We all know his sense of humor has disappeared as he got older but making fun of a virus that killed thousands of Americans isn’t something so ”presidential”. Also, after all this time he still thinks the Coronavirus isn’t even real just because he didn’t get infected.

Everyone’s laughing, everyone promotes his imbecility on social media. And the saddest part is that we actually started to like those jokes. But the only thing that it’s kinda funny is that almost half of Americans voted for that clown in the first place.

”Make America great again”, huh? Better said: Make America sane again.



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