Travelling on a budget: 5 affordable tourist destinations  

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Do you consider yourself to be a hodophile (a.k.a a person who loves traveling more than anything else) but you have problems sorting out your expenses? Then, you’ve come to the right place as we’ll happily help you with finding budget-friendly places to visit that will fit into your tight budget. Take a look at the following cost-affordable countries and take a moment to choose your next destination.   



Having the most unique location, Turkey is a phenomenal country to visit, representing the gate between Asia and Europe. The once all-powerful empire that ruled half of Europe is a magnificent place to visit, offering visitors many budget-friendly options in order to make the most of their journey. The food is delightful and cheap, accommodation can be found for affordable prices, and budget airlines are constantly providing clients with low-cost flights to the country’s capital.  



The fact that the country offers tourists the opportunity to visit tropical forests, vibrant cities, magical beaches, and some of the most beautiful Buddhist temples for cheap prices is what makes this destination a favorite among travel enthusiasts. In addition, one meal can cost as low as 3 euros, while a hotel room can cost you 10-30 euros per night per person if you opt for a cheaper option or up to 100 euros if you choose a more luxurious resort.  



Portugal is among Europe’s most exotic destinations, the home of the most outstanding beaches, breathtaking views, adventurous hikes, and unforgettable food. Unlike other tourist locations, you can experience all of these things by paying significantly affordable prices. For instance, accommodation can come around 15-20 euros per night, while food costs can add up to 20-25 euros per day. Having in mind that Portugal is one of the few European destinations to benefit from sunny weather all year round, with warm temperatures even during the coldest months of the year, the country is the perfect place to visit any day of the year.  



If you have a chance to visit the Paris of Eastern Europe, go for it! It’s a lot cheaper than the real Paris yet still incredibly stunning. Bucharest has one of the most mesmerizing architectures that will make you fall in love with it the minute you enter the famous Old Town. A lot of historical sites can be visited cost-free, while those who require paying an entrance fee, such as the Palace of the Parliament or the numerous Romanian castles, are surprisingly inexpensive. Restaurant meals are quite reasonably priced, thus, giving you a chance to indulge in the delicious Romanian cuisine throughout your whole trip.  



India has been the greatest budget-friendly travel destination since the beginning of time. If you are in the mood for enthralling temples, gorgeous monuments, history-rich cities, and golden beaches of Goa, then this south Asian country is the right place for you. Depending on the location you are traveling from, the only considerably high expenses you’re likely to have are your transportation costs. Other than that, you won’t have any problem incorporating the rest of the expenses within your budget. 


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