Trauma doesn’t make you stronger – it destroys you


I have heard so many people admit that trauma makes you stronger or believing that some can just ”get over it”. So, today, allow me to tell you my opinion on this subject.

Trauma doesn’t make you stronger, it just destroys you.

It messes up with your mind, gives you thousands of thoughts and changes your perspective about pretty much every situation and every person.

Trauma makes you sit in your bed at every hour of the day or night, wondering why weren’t you good enough. What action of yours made these people treat you the way they treated you. The way they abused you(mentally or physically), the way they manipulated you, the way they took advantage of you and your kindness, the way they locked you in a cage of pain and threw away the key until you found the strength to scratch them dark walls to get out.

It damages your brain, and there is no way that a damaged brain is capable of acting natural, normal and happy when they really are just injured inside. Sure, they can laugh, but can’t you see the wounds in their eyes, even if they are trying so hard to hide them?

Trauma doesn't make you stronger - it destroys you
Trauma – damaging your brain bit by bit

These people are going through tough times and they need all the kindness in the world. And they give it back, but what do they get in exchange after the shortest time? More pain. More pain because the society is stuck on the fact that if someone is sad, they are faking it for the clout and attention.
Yes, maybe they need attention. For a fact, I am sure that they need attention! But let me tell you pal, that they are not faking it.

A broken soul can not be strong by itself, at some point, without another soul wrapping their warmness around them.

Everyone is dealing with something, so please be kind to people. Try your best to make them feel good, and if your intentions are bad or if you think that they might hurt them even more, just leave them alone. They could have gained nothing but pain from you anyways.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you have to protect yourself and care about yourself.

On the other hand, I tried doing some research on how we could escape the potentially void we live in. Before that though, let me tell yall beautiful injured human beings something:

You are enough.

You are great and you will get through this tough time. I know it’s hard and I am aware of the fact that you think you will someday crash and paralyze on the cold ground alone and suffering. Try staying sane, I beg of you, and don’t do people wrong just because you’ve been mistreated.

Here are some tips that psychologists recommend for you:

-Safety first! If the traumatic situation is ongoing, get some help to make yourself safe. You may need some help in finding a safe place to stay.

-Talk with someone you trust about what happened.

-Talking with family and friends may also be good. Support and understanding at a difficult time can be very helpful. You don’t have to face it alone.

-Know that how you are feeling is very normal for someone who has been through a traumatic event.

-Give yourself time. Know that the way you are feeling will not last, and by dealing with the fears and thoughts, you will be able to get on with life. Be kind to yourself.

-Accept that it might take a bit of time to adjust.

-Spend time doing nice things – relaxing, going for walks, visiting beautiful places, seeing friends. Plan to do nice things each day.

-It will be important to confront situations associated with the traumatic event… but do it gradually. You may decide to go back to work, but go just for a few hours at first and then build it up slowly.

-Don’t use drugs and alcohol to cope. They will only make it worse. Try to find other ways to relax.

With these being said, I hope you will take care of yourself and consider getting the help you need. Stay safe!

Author: Larisa Moisei



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