Transform Your Room in Three Steps


In order to transform your room, get to know yourself first!

Have you ever wondered what is really making you comfortable when you are in your own room? It may be the color of your sheets or maybe those books on your bookshelf — or the cleanliness. But, before you start analyzing these things, start analyzing your mind. That’s the place where you’ll find all the answers in order to decorate and arrange your room according to your soul.

Usually, our room is the place where we spend most of our time and it should be the most comfortable room in our entire house. But in order to do that, you need to personalize it. Below, I will show you some tips and tricks that would work with all preferences to transform your room into your own heaven!

1. The office corner

A light-colored wooden office desk would look great for your room so try to look for one. An office desk in the corner of the room could offer you more space in order to do your daily activities like studying, learning, or reading. Once you find your perfect office desk, the first step is done!

2. The majestic bed

I’m not saying you should go and buy another bed right now because that would probably break the bank. What I want to say is: transform your bed. Buy some bedclothes, new pillows — you could try those filled with feathers because scientists have discovered that you sleep better on them — or maybe a new blanket. Of course, you could add to your list some cute stuffed toys which would make your room more comfortable.

3. The enormous wardrobe

Yes, your wardrobe is just the place where you put your clothes after you wash them or at the end of the day when you just throw them in, but nothing stops you from making it be a good-looking piece of furniture. You could buy some tiny boards where you can write words like “shoes”, “T-shirts” or “shirts”. After you’ve done this, put them in different places in your wardrobe, and voilà! Your wardrobe is more organized.

There are lots of ways to make your room more comfortable, but from my point of view, these three steps are going to really make a change. Let your imagination fly and decorate your room in your own unique way!

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Author: Lena Hills


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