Train your memory: 3 more efficient techniques

train your memory

There are some efficient techniques to train your memory that require: focus on important information, repetition of the information and association of ideas.


Train your memory to focus

train your memory

If you want to remember what you have just read or found out, you should focus on that idea for a few minutes. When you are learning something new, you can focus on the new information every day since you learned about it, and it will stick to your memory. Focusing on your current activity or ideas will help you improve and train your memory.

People who are trying to stay focused can also observe their surroundings and remember the details of a place or of a person. For example, when you meet a new person, try to listen carefully to his name, repeat it and find out the spelling of his name. You can make associations between the name and the person, by looking at his clothes or behavior; you can even discover a physical / moral feature of the person and associate it with his name.


Repetition of ideas

train your memory

Another great method to train your memory is repetition or practice. Practice makes perfect, and you can also use repetition when learning new information. Reading an idea and saying it out loud can engage both visual and auditory stimuli and facilitate the process of learning. Visualizing and hearing an idea for a few times is very helpful to remember the information. Another method is to look at the written information, then close your eyes and visualize it in your mind. The mental image is quickly stocked in the mind.

It’s important that you create a mental image of the things that you are reading, so that you understand and remember the information. What you can also do after reading a fragment is to make a drawing of the main idea that help you remember new information. In order to remember numbers, you can associate the numbers with the ideas that you are going to present or learn, and repeat the association of the numbers-images in the right order until you memorize it.

Repetition is the best method to acquire a lot of information in a short time. Thus, you should repeat your ideas many times and use them in conversation, because the knowledge that you use in life is easier to remember.

The process of repetition should not be endless; it’s important to take brakes between rehearsals. During the brakes, your mind can think about associations between the ideas to memorize them faster. You also consume less energy when you are taking brakes from repeating ideas. What you learn is soon to be forgotten, so you should refresh your memory before a speech or an exam, and read again your ideas or repeat them.


Associations of ideas

train your memory

It’s  essential to associate ideas in your mind to remember information and train your memory. You can associate new information to already existing ideas in your brain to make connections and remember things easily. A trained memory is based on powerful associations between a thing you wish to remember and some other idea, and this process only requires attention.

You can think about your experience, include it in a system of relations, find the meaning of your experience, ask questions to remember details and you will improve your memory. An efficient way to remember historical dates is to connect them with other important events that happened at that time, or associate the dates with a story. You can remember ideas by building sentences that contain those ideas, connecting them and creating a fragment that includes them.

A tip for people who forget their ideas is to continue from the last word of the last sentence uttered. That’s how you can link your ideas endlessly and keep talking about your topic, but you need to find a context where ideas are connected and make sense as a group.


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