Traditional vs online learning – Advantages and disadvantages


This year has taken a toll on everybody. Could it be worse? Well, I hope not. The impact of everything that’s going around in the world is so huge that it changed a lot of things. For example, we have to keep the social distance, wear masks and be very careful. Another significant change, about which I will write today, is the transition from actually going to school to online classes. For me, this transition was not an easy one: I started missing going to university, but it was cool to wake up 20 minutes before class. So, what’s up with all of this? Today I will write about the main advantages and disadvantages of traditional and online learning.

Traditional learning

It goes without saying that everyone prefers this one. Why? Well, it favours socializing, we get to see our classmates and it takes us out of the house. And we all know how important is getting that daily dose of vitamin D. Moreover, I know this is a little far-fetched, but it kind of keeps us in shape too, because walking has many advantages when it comes to our well-being. But I think the main advantage is the fact that the teacher-student interaction is actually there. They see each other face to face and the fact that there’s a whiteboard with explanations helps a lot more. By doing this, teachers can know their students better and adjust their way of teaching to their personalities.

I think that the key disadvantage is the fact that you actually have to leave the house and be there on time. But, if you ask me, that’s not a big deal. I’d give everything in order to be able to go back to uni!

Online learning

This is the type of learning most of us have gone through lately. While I love the fact that I can wake up a lot later for my 8 AM classes, I dislike that we can’t interact much through the Internet. The cool thing about “moving” my work environment home is that I have done so many things with my time! I feel more powerful and I can actually abide by my schedule. But, as I’ve previously mentioned, nothing can replace the face-to-face interaction. Because of the fact that I am comfortably sitting at home, I tend to be very distracted. I don’t know if that’s the case for you, but at the beginning of the pandemic, I had trouble paying attention, but I got used to it.

Another thing I like about online learning is the flexibility. I know, it sounds weird, but don’t you feel like the day is longer and that you can actually achieve more? Well, that’s the case for me!

Which one is more effective?

Theoretically, both ways of learning are winners. They are both effective in their own, unique way and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. But if I have to think of this from my own point of view and without considering the fact that we actually go through a pandemic, I would choose traditional learning in a heartbeat. I like it better and I think it’s more suitable for me.

Regardless of what’s suitable for you, it’s important to adapt ourselves to this situation and to give our best. We don’t know when this madness will end and until then, we should resort to online learning and make the best of it.


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