Toxic relationships: what they are and when to leave

The unseen pressure of staying in a toxic relationship

We all are aware that staying in a toxic relationship can be nothing but hurtful to us, but most of the time we cannot differentiate a toxic relationship from a normal one.


Firstly, why are some people more toxic to us than others?

Sometimes two people are compatible at first, but with time, we can sense that the relationship is no longer beneficial to us, or to the other person involved.

There are a lot of kinds of personalities in this world, and we need to understand that only some kinds of mentalities match with ours. It’s not always that they have bad intentions, it may be just that the differences in personalities can be hurtful to one another if the time together is prolonged.

In order for this situation to be avoided, we need to know with what kind of personality are we compatible with, in every kind of relationship, including friendship and family. Even a long-term love relationship is firstly based on friendship, respect, and loyalty.

How do we get ourselves into a toxic relationship?

Toxic relationships can be masked as happy ones at first, but, in time the other person can distance us from our friends, from our family, can make us stop doing something better for us, can stop us from achieving something important for us.No matter what kind of relationship we find ourselves in, we should

have time for us, for our needs, for our group of friends, we can’t let anyone interfere with our personal life. We share events and friends and families with our loved ones, but in order for a relationship to be a healthy one, we must have activities that remain ours, ones that make us better.

The moment you find yourself, subconsciously avoiding one person, you have the red flag that should make you rethink your choices. You should think: with all things aside, am I happier with, or without this person. This can be hard

er than it looks, but often we see the red flags but we ignore them. Try to spend some time away from that person, and consider your feelings, are you happier, calmer, or not?

It can be hard to leave someone at first, but if in the long term it is beneficial for us we have to consider it. If communication cannot solve the problem you are facing if the other person does not listen to your needs, and if you are the only one that puts effort into your relationship, you should reconsider it.


Even though we are around our family a lot fr

om our first moments, we cannot exclude the possibility that in our family someone can have these toxic traits. Nobody says that you should cut the ties with them completely, but why not consider seeing that specific relative once a week, or once a month, one step at a time. If you live with that said relative, maybe the best thing for you can be living alone, being by yourself for a while. Until you have that possibility, you can put some boundaries, so that said relationship does not have that much of an impact on you.

Learn to love yourself

In order for you to be more comfortable with another person, you have to learn to make yourself happy. Take care of your needs. Get a good night’s sleep, eat healthily, eat enough, get in touch with old friends, with your old hobbies. Make a plan for your future. What do you need to have? What do you have to do in order for that dream to become reality?

Put the pieces together.




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