Total body workout for a nice sweat session and energy boost

total body workout

A rookie mistake many people do is focusing only on one part of the body which they wish to tone or slim down, while ignoring the rest and never including a total body workout. For instance, you can exercise your legs 5 times a week and see a slow progress. This is because your body burns fat from anywhere, not only from the area that is being targeted. Therefore, for the most efficient results, it’s important to engage all muscle groups. A workout that will activate your whole body will certainly do the trick. Here are three circuits of various exercises. Repeat each circuit three times and adjust the repetition of each one of them according to your fitness level.  

Circuit 1 out of 3  

Rowing machine   

The seated cable row machine is a great way to warm up and at the same time to activate your muscles. The machine mostly engages the largest back muscles (latissimus dorsi) as well as your shoulder (rhomboids) and upper arm muscles (biceps). Place yourself on the machine and put your feet on the foot stretchers in front of you. Grab the handle and start “rowing.” Push your legs first and then lean back and pull the handle to your chest. Adjust the resistance according to your preference.   

Dumbbell rows  

The dumbbell row is among the most popular exercise that engages your biceps. But, be careful. If not doing it right you can easily strain a muscle. So, if you are a beginner, use light dumbbells and gradually increase the weight. For this exercise, you will use a bench on which you will put your knee and arm while the other leg will be on the floor and slightly bent. Take the weight in your free hand, which will be extended, and pull towards your chest.  

Circuit 2 out of 3  

Speed Skaters with weights  

A nice addition to a total body workout are some intensive speed skaters. Since they involve jumping from one side to the other, they are the go-to HIIT exercise that will get your heart pumping and offer you a bigger chance of burning fat. It activates the quadriceps and the gluteal muscles. You can do this without any equipment as well, but if you wish to make it a little bit harder, use a pair of dumbbells. While you do this exercise, keep the dumbbells to your chest and hold your upper body straight, and slightly bend forward.  

Hip thrust  

The hip thrust will have your glutes on fire. The beauty of this exercise is that activates almost all of your gluteal muscles and the hamstrings and strengthens them in a way other exercises simply aren’t capable of doing. To execute this exercise correctly, you’ll need a bench and a weight, preferably a bar with a resting pad. With your shoulders resting on the bench, put the bar on your hip and push up, hold for a couple of seconds while squeezing your glutes. For more resistance, put an elastic band just above your knees. It is quite an intensive exercise, but on the plus side, it will give you a nicely shaped backside.   

Circuit 3 out of 3  

Standing Crunch with weights – knee to elbow  

The standing crunch is an awesome alternative for the usual crunches. Not only they are slightly easier and more comfortable to do but they also engage your core and improve your balance. For more intensity, put some weights on your ankles. This will make it quite challenging to keep your balance but, in the end, it will bring you amazing results.  

Leg drops

Your total body workout wouldn’t be complete without some leg drops. Yet again, this exercise will both work your ab muscles and strengthen your whole core. Lay down on a mattress, put your legs up and bring down one leg at a time. If you wish, you can hold in your hands a weight of your preference (I usually choose a medicine ball).

Incorporating a total body workout into your fitness plan at least once a week can do wonders for your physique. Thus, for achieving the best results, remember to activate each group of muscles and most importantly, be patient and believe in the process.    


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