Top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts that your girl will absolutely adore!

Top 5 Valentine's Day gifts

We know how hard it is to please your sweetheart with a gift that is great enough, so you won’t need to sleep on the sofa on Valentine’s Day. So, we’ve prepared a top 5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your girlfriend. We also know that you have procrastinated when it was time to find the gift. Yes, yes, you were busy and now you are wondering what you can buy quickly. We also know it has to be beautiful and not too expensive (we don’t want you to go bankrupt) but not too cheap (she will believe that you are skinflint and no one wants a skinflint boyfriend, duuh).

It is complicated to satisfy your girlfriend, your wife, maybe even your mistress. She might say that you could do more. You don’t remember her favorite color or what she likes, or you buy a gift that is too ordinary for such a special person. Have no Valentine’s Day gift ideas? There you have some! You can thank us later! (on February 15th, not November 14th!)

So, man, we have prepared a top 5 gift ideas for your Valentine’s Day lover, wallet-friendly version!

What gifts can you buy for your girl?

1. A good movie, a romantic dinner seasoned with a large bouquet of roses and a pair of earrings

This year, Valentine’s Day is on Friday, so you could prepare something romantic in a few simple steps. You take her to a movie, preferably the one she wanted to see for a long time, then to a romantic dinner. Give her a big bouquet of roses if you don’t know what are her favorite flowers (we are judging you for this), and next to the roses put a gem.

Women love earrings, so you can amaze her with a pair of earrings. Pro tip: blue is the color of the year, so if you are lucky enough and she likes this color, do not miss the opportunity and buy a pair of earrings with blue gems.

Other colors she will definitely love are red, yellow and emerald green.

2. The second gift idea suitable for your lover is a perfume!

Not any kind of perfume, though! If she is a sensitive, gentlewoman, then sweet, light perfumes will suit her.

If it is a wild animal, she gets angry quickly, she wins most of the time when you argue, she is chaos, and you the calm one, then a strong perfume is the best option.

3. If you don’t think you will find the winning lotion with perfumes, then try your luck with a watch.

Yes, women like watches just as much as men do. Even if it’s a classic watch or an elegant one, you’re ready to go if you give her a watch and some chocolate, plus a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine.

P.S. Look for some red wine, it will fit perfectly with a romantic evening.

4. If she likes to read, buy her a good book!

Books are never a failed gift. If your girl loves reading, a book will let her know that you are the prince she is looking for! If you and your girlfriend are passionate of reading, I truely recomand a review of a very good book, that gathers readers and coffee drinkers, click here!

5. Go safe with a set of cosmetics!

A woman will never refuse makeup! Buy her a special set and you’re ready to go!

Now that you’ve settled on the gift, have a happy (and protected) Valentine’s Day with your loved one!



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