Top 5 things I learned during three years of commuting


I already have three years of commuting experience, and in this time I learned a lot of things, more or less useful, that I probably wouldn’t have learned without this experience. Even though it can feel like a chore sometimes, commuting brings into the spotlight a lot of things that might seem absurd. Some of these things will be present in my list, as of the other, I’m waiting for them in the comments.

1. You can sleep everywhere, but you have to be really tired.

I have never believed in something like that, but you know: “Never say never”. After the first few months of traveling in public transport, when I started to feel out of energy, I joined the mentality: it doesn’t matter where I am, it doesn’t matter what happens around me, when I want to sleep, I sleep.

2. Someone can “read” you in 30 minutes.

There are those kinds of people who sit next to you and give you a warm smile. And after they get the opportunity, an endless row of questions suddenly appears. It usually begins with: “And… where are you going?”. From finding out your destination or how many cats you own, there’s only one step: you’re well-mannered and try to respond out of respect.

3. People who listen to music on a speaker.

I hate those people, it’s completely disrespectful to do that. Why can’t they listen to it in their earphones? I’m fine with you listening to music, any kind. But when you start forcing others to listen to it, you’re a douchebag.

4. There’s always a seat on the bus.

No matter how crowded the bus is, there will always be someone that can find a free seat. It doesn’t matter if he finds it on the stairs, in the corridor, or he tries to squeeze near someone else. If you’re still staying up, it’s clear you don’t know how to be rude and make some room, or smart enough to find a seat.

5. If you stay in your seat, you’re rude.

During there three years I discovered that, in fact, I’m in fact a rude person. I sit down when the bus is full. But, just as I said in other articles, I usually don’t give on my seat.

Rude or not, I still get home anyway.

These are just a few things I`ve learned during these three years of commuting. I tried to select only the best of them. Although you rarely see the good part of waking up at 6 AM and taking the bus at 7 AM. Most of the time, the life of a commuter is full of laughter and, sometimes, benefits, I must recognize it. And I cannot say that I don’t like it.

And speaking of traveling by bus, you might have had your experience with douchebags that lack respect during your trips so check this out!

Author: Retegan Ana-Maria


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