Top 5 office supplies you should definitely buy for high school or university


I personally love office supplies like post-its, pens, pencils, notebooks, everything. So let’s talk about some essential supplies for school or university.

1. Book holder

Bamboo Book Stand – wishacc Reading Rest Holder

                $16 FROM AMAZON                

Why? Because it can help you so much while you study. You put your book or notebook on it and you can write easier on paper the most important ideas, highlight them, and by using it you have more free space on your desk. It saved my life.


2. Highlighters

Arteza Highlighters Set of 60

                $24 FROM AMAZON                

For someone who has a visual memory, these are pure gold. Why? Colours help them retain information easier by stimulating their brain. But those should be for everyone. How come? They give a beautiful, well put together, clean aspect for notebooks or books, and so you can see the most important ideas in what you read.


3. Fineliners

24 Colors Journal Planner Pens Colored

                $8 FROM AMAZON                

Highlighters are for ideas, fineliners are for keywords. Whether you underline them or write them with the liner, making keywords pop is important. If you see a highlighted keyword in your notebook, you realise what that page is about. It’s really easy and it saves you a lot of time.


4. Post-its

Post it Notes Super Sticky Notes Value Pack, 76 x 76 mm – Assorted Colours, Pack of 24 (90 Sheets Per Pad)                $20 FROM AMAZON                

Who hates post-its? No one! Why? Because with them you can evidentiate the chapters in a book, the subtitles, and they’re exactly what will help you easily find whatever you are looking for.


5. Mechanical notebooks

Black Classic Cars Mechanical Pattern Notebook Gum Cover Diary Soft Cover Journal                $19 FROM AMAZON                

Regular notebooks are fine, but mechanical ones are the best. Why? You can put as many pages as you want in one, you have a lot of available models and you can even customise them, you save a lot of money and space, because you can use it for multiple objects


I hope you will enjoy this list, for me this is the essential package. The years you spend in high school or university are beautiful but also really hard so you need to make them as colorful as you can. So why not spend a small amount of money for that?


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