Top 5 lies you will hear from women

Top 5 lies you will hear from women
Top 5 lies you will hear from women

I am certainly sure that women would never be understood.

If they would be, there wouldn’t be any marriages today, neither relationships wouldn’t be as they are and honestly, the one-night stands would become more like a trend. So, today, I present to you… Top 5 lies you will hear from women! 

Why even bother trying to understand this beautiful and damned human being, when thanks to your charms, you could easily do your tricks and be an alpha in front of her and of course have another woman on your list of conquests? Obviously, I don’t believe what I said, and neither does the woman you are trying to seduce with the tricks seen on Instagram.

top 5 lies you will hear from women

You, however, think she believes you and begin with your spells.

But, this is one of women’s games. We like chess. No, not the one where he says shh and she murmurs ahh and he pulled her hair (or extensions) instead the one in which you think you’re a king, when in fact you’re just a pawn falling in the first misstep.

A girl, who has also stable neurons under her carefully stylized hair and own a library more diversificate than her make-up collection, it’s a dangerous one, man. But after all, we also need a male presence in our lives. You know.

Of course you thought at naughty things.

The woman is the creature meant to be loved, not understood, said Sigmund Freud and he was right.

So, you think only women lie? We have something for everyone! Read this article and tell us which one lies more: a man or a woman?

Love her? You can do it too, lover boy. To annoy you until you bleach your hair? Of course she does, it’s one of her favorite activities. God save the ones who are annoying the woman during the war of the month.

You know that: take care with women, because we have washed traces of blood for years.

You can take that … as a warning.

Among the makeup kits, heels and other crazy things, the woman has some aces up her sleeve. What are these? You don’t think I’m crazy to tell you, no? We still have our secrets.

So, in this case I’m gonna tell you the most common lies from my experience, as a woman.

In 5th place is something that has been practiced since ancient times and it is weird that you still believe that.


lies you will hear from women

Come on, say that you the alpha males do not take the standby position with the categorical and unstoppable kick and eyes on the clock from half to half an hour, when she has told you clearly that she is ready in five minutes.

She’s getting on her shoes and she’s coming, she told you. That she got 369 pairs of shoes for the this season, she didn’t tell you.

She also forgets that. You gonna need to take a sit because it will take a long time. Can I get you a coffee from POV? My treat. At this time I’m sorry to leave you there waiting.

On the 4th place is a cliché applied to every relationship I have observed over time. What’s that?


Telling you that everything is ok after you forgot to reply to the message sent two hours ago is a big, fat lie that you actually take it; like a fool.

The woman is never satisfied with little. We are greedy in terms of man’s qualities and it’s gonna be always a better place. 

Of course, the qualities of the woman shouldn’t be lacking, but, given the fact that we have upgraded and taken that phone to the toilet, you can also respond to that important message in real time so that, the crazy thoughts don’t come in our minds and complain to you about your mother-in-law. Because yes, punctuality is among the first totally necessary requirements and without which the man does not have to be displayed in public. We don’t like delays. Not just at the first date.

The 3rd place is a dangerous one.

The woman who says it’s not jealous, well, just lied you in the face.

You are at an event and you meet an old friend who makes the mistake of telling you that you have changed for the better since you have seen each other. She also tells you to make a barbecue between friends and to make it work, a phone number exchange would be a great idea to catch up. 

Is she jealous? Are you crazy ?! Why being jealous when she knows what she has at home and knows how much you love her? Well, honey, the woman has a weird definition on the word jealousy.

In our head, jealousy is too much for the feeling that encompasses us when you go nose to nose with a “woman friend”. Why? It all depends on your behavior as a man in the relationship since she met you until now. The old reply “she’s just a friend”, well, it’s over used. 

And you were just friends at first, right? Bingo. We know what men have near us, but it’s all about your behavior around another woman. Are you disinterested and your attention is focused on your girlfriend? Congratulations! I rarely see anything like this. Are you a little too friendly with the spouse and allow yourself a bit of a joke? Houston, we have a problem.

If she says she is not jealous but changes her behavior that day and not only, obviously she lies. A little bit of jealousy is present here, darling. 


The second place


Never, whatever you ask the woman about a random topic related to relationship, gossip, friends, acquaintance, what she did with the money, there is no “I don’t know”.There are ‘what you don’t know, it will not affect you’ or ‘better leave’ said in the form of a simple ‘I don’t know’. Of course she knows all the gossip on the scale of the block, the city and the country. But you better not know that she knows some things. She never knows when certain information will be useful to her. Of course, that money went for shopping, but if you don’t know the price of the shoes, it doesn’t affect you. She knows. But she is lying you in face, again.

Be careful with women!

The 1st is the classic one.


The woman gets upset kinda quickly if something doesn’t suit her. Whether you told her something that didn’t go over her well, or you made a mistake, you quarreled, upset something out of the relationship, or any other dwarves we have on her brain, if her behavior changed that day and it is no longer pink, then it clearly has something.

It’s best not to ask her many times what she has, but just talk to her.

She will confess to you the only thing that upsets her if she sees interest in you for her mood. That’s the secret. The key is always in the attitude.

Boys, men, with pleasure! These are the lies of women. I just lied. There are more but as I said, we have our secrets and what you don’t know does not affect you.

Keep the secret!



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