Top 5 lies you will hear from men


We talked and talked about womens lies, but have you ever thought about the aces that our friends and boyfriends have up their sleeves? 

The man usually has the one of the fiercest personality of the sexes. He is dominant in the relationship, without whom a woman cannot live. We never understand them, although they say loud and clear that they are very easy to decipher and that we are the problem. How about making a top list of men’s lies? Just so that we see how misunderstood they actually are! There’s the thing you waited for… Top 5 lies you will hear from men!

lies you will hear from men

Being always “mother’s boys”, they refuse to see reality as it is. They sink into their own worries and despair, forgetting about a twist of fun or even their own partner.

But let’s be honest! Alpha men are all we want most next to us, with their eternally “unobserved” lies.

Not to mention their always present games. Through them, they manage to fascinate us with their imposing personality.

We came in your aid to unravel the hidden secrets of men together. If they can, why can’t we? Let’s see what lies of men we have to put up with every day!

One of the most common lies, which I guarantee you will hear from both sexes is: I WILL NEVER BE LATE.

I found out in the article about the lies of women, where and what they do to get in this situation. Now we want to find out what the most vicious predator of the sexes is doing.

Keep in mind that men are always late for dates, important events or even dinner with your family. Their biggest problem?


They forget, forget and forget again. God damn this memory, because she killed our punctuality and we forgot about them too!

“I already left home, my dear,” he told you, but the poor man didn’t know that you already caught him red handed. When you wanted to surprise him and pick him up instead this time, he gave himself away when he least expected it.

Work turn our lives and their lives over their head, and these gentlemen saw an escape route even through this.

Another excuse, which we cannot counterattack is: “LOVE, I’M WORKING OVERTIME TODAY”.

Like the sentimentalist they are, delicate and always attentive, we are shamelessly lied to even at the “I miss you” chapter.

The line “I always think about you” also reaches in the top lies.

We don’t think about you enough so that you can fill our lives with happiness by telling us that you do.

Moving on, we come to second place with “I didn’t have time for anything”.

We always want a second date, a romantic dinner or just to get a message from you, but you always give us the famous line which we are tired of.

Dear, you work or in the best cases, you go to some classes, and then you’ve got more than enough time left. Stop wasting your voice because we know you just want to stay 3 hours and play video games. No matter how mature a man is, the game always comes first.

The number one spot is, without a doubt: “you are the first I tell this to”.

What you know, but choose to forget is the fact that we, the girls, communicate a lot. When you are in a small town, or by pure coincidence, we get to make common friends, from whom we always the same exclamation. Whether you are the first he says “I love you” to or the first he buys a puppy for, remember, you are not the first one to hear this.

And because you were nice girls and I noticed how much you like this topic, I came up with another big lie of men: “I always listen to you”.

He never listens to us! He gives us the wrong impression that we are the centre of the universe, that we are listened to and understood.


Have you ever tried to ask him the smallest detail you just talked about and he answers with “what?” I was not ready ”or, a simple“ I forgot ”?

We already know you are like us. If you want, you can remember everything we say, because the problem is that only with a topic that interests you. The rest is completely erased from your memory. We will keep hearing these lies of men.  Hopefully, everyone will find one that will eventually give up on them.



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