Top 5 Christmas gifts for Game of Thrones fans, winter is coming!


I think we can all agree that the Night King wasn’t the only one that was stabbed in the heart by a GOT character in season 8. But even though we may not like the ending or agree with it, we still love it! It was something so special about this show that stole our hearts from the first episodes and kept from then on. I don’t know about you but even now after all this time. My heart skips a beat when I hear the soundtrack and a wave of nostalgia washed over me. And I bet every Game of Thrones fan would agree!  and isn’t this what Christmas is all about? Giving your loved ones thoughtful gifts to show that you thought and care about them? 

1.Game of Thrones Collectible Dragon Eggs Candles  

                     $27,99 FROM AMAZON                    

This is a classic GOT fanatic gift! I think all of us at least once wanted to have one of the dragon eggs. And this gift is our closest option yet. Those dragon eggs are high-quality and long-lasting burning candles. Made with a hand craved mold in order to achieve the realism of the authentic petrified dragon eggs!  

Each candle is well packaged into a thick and sturdy box to ensure safe arrival. So, the Dragon Eggs will be well protected during shipping. Deluxe Box. And as winter comes this is the perfect way to make sure that your loved ones stay warm and happy. 

2.“Drink and I Know Things” Beer Glass + A FREE “Hand of The King” Bottle Opener! 

                   $20,99 FROM AMAZON                    

It is no secret that GOT characters love drinking. And of course, their fans took their example and off to the bar they went. Therefore, what could be a better Christmas gift than this? 

Made from the highest-standard thick glass in Casterly Rock Also sold in King’s Landing. This 17Oz glass is perfect for your beer or other cold drinks. Above all, it is inscribed with the famous quote of Tyrion Lannister. In addition to the Beer Glass, you will receive the Hand Of the King Beer Opener. And with a 30-day money back guarantee This is a no-risk purchase

3.Game of Thrones Makeup Brushes Set. 

                   $14,99 FROM AMAZON                    

If you happen to know both a makeup and a GOT lover, here is your ticket to having the best gift this year! This set of 8 brushed is a complete set of makeup brushes. Which includes brushes for foundation, eye-makeup, blush, eyeliner and face powder. In addition, the handle material is made up of top-quality metallic alloy with high finishing, portable and suitable for daily use. 

Their beautiful design will bring magic to the day-to-day makeup routine. And a daily drop of GOT fantasy is always welcomed! 

4.Game of Thrones Photo Expansion Pack by What Do You Meme?


                   $11,99 FROM AMAZON                    

If you need a new twist to your usual “what do you meme” game night. What’s Inside? 75 Game of Thrones Photo Cards to be added to core game. This game gives you the opportunity to compete with your friends and family to create the funniest memes. By using one of your dealt caption cards to caption the photo card in each round. This is your chance to meme Cersei, Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, and all your favorite Game of Thrones characters. 

5.Carved Wooden Game of Thrones Music box Hand Crank Musical Box

                   $9,99 FROM AMAZON                   

A small little box of magic to give to your friends. All you have to do is to twist the little handle to hear the theme song of Game of Thrones. This tiny wooden carved box can even fit in your pocket! Certainly this is a quarantined exquisite gift for a GOT fan to show them that you care about their hobbies in a sweet and caring way.  


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