Top 5 affordable and cheap sport cars

sport cars

In this article, I have randomly chosen a top of five cheap sport cars I think worth buying them. I dedicate this top to those who want to have some fun on small cash, so, let’s begin;)

5. Suzuki Swift Sport

sport car

Suzuki Swift Sport is a cool car for a passioned person and which takes over many sport cars with its performances…

The mk1 or the version from 2004 is at 4000 euros, but if you want the mk3 version from 2013 and also to spend a little more, you’ll find one in good shape at almost 7000 euros. Some of you might say the 1.6 l engine which develops 125 hp (136 hp on mk3 version) is a joke for a Swift Sport, but this car weighs 1000 kilos and it compensates a lot with this by being more agile and fun to drive.

4. AUDI TT coupe

sport car


In my opinion, Audi TT is a very beautiful and sporty car. Since I was a child, I imagined myself being at the steering wheel of this marvelous machine.

The mk1 type can be situated at 3000 euros, with the 1.8 l turbo engine of 180 hp, which gets to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds. I also have found the TT mk2 at almost 7000-7500 euros. At this version, I recommend the 2.0 TFSi engine with 200 hp, which is more reliable and powerful than 1.4 TFSi, considered to be a failure of Audi-Volkswagen group.

3. Mazda MX-5 (NB)

Top 5 affordable and cheap sport cars

I wasn’t actually a fan of cabriolet sport cars. I always think of them as an ugly version of a beautiful car. After I discovered the Mazda MX-5, I’ve changed my mind.

For those who are passionate about Japanese technology and performance and who want a convertible with few money, I strongly recommend this Mazda. With 4000 euros, you will find the MX-5 NB or the mk2 in top condition, empowered with 1.6 of 125 hp or the 1.8 l of 146 hp. Probably not too much power, but the weight of the car compensates a lot by making the car a little rocket-like Swift.

2. Renault Clio RS

sport car

Another little bug on steroids that is made with quality parts, thanks to Renault F1 Team such as Brembo brakes, Acrapovic exhaust and other performance parts…

The Renault Clio RS is a french car that will surprise you a lot. With the 2.0 l gasoline engine, developing 200 hp, this car gets to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds. The Clio RS 3 from 2007 can be found at around 5000-6000 euros. The older version from 2005 is at around 3000 euros.

1. VW Golf GTI

sport car

Probably the most beautiful and cool car a nostalgic car guy like me would buy… The Volkswagen Golf GTI continues to surprise everyone in a good way. The feelings you experience by driving it can’t be expressed in words. Every person who stands behind the wheel of a GTI felled in love with it…

The mk4 with 1.8 I turbo gasoline engine of 150 hp is at around 2500-3000 euros. If you want the mk5 Golf GTI, you will find one in good shape at 5000-6000 euros. I’d buy a mk5 with the propeller 2.0 TSI engine of 200 hp, the same one assembled on the Audi.
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