Top 5 cars that don’t lose their value


For some, cars are a bunch of beautifully welded pieces of metal, but for passionate people, cars are part of their life…so if you are, like me, just a little passioned about cars, look at these 5 beauties that, besides being old and expensive, will make you rich in the future:

5. BMW M3 e46

This European car of the German brand BMW Motors was made to resist the test of time, perhaps this explains the high price. The vehicle has leather inside, headrest and electric adjustment seat, and full electric windows. Coming from the M-class, the car has top specifications for 2002: the 343HP engine, which is a rear-wheel drive, color navigation, and steering wheel controls. A well-maintained car with 180.000 km can be bought from a private company for a minimum of 18.000 euro.

BMW M3 e46 BMW M3 e46 - interior

4. Ford Mustang ’70

This car is more famous than Titanic, and for a good reason… the car looks a little rusty, but for 19,000 euros, you have a 230HP car with an automatic or manual gearbox, and interior leather. Appearing in many movies since its launch, the machine has made itself remarkable worldwide. At the Entertainment level, the car has a 70’s typical cassette player, it’s small, glossy, and very beautiful. In my opinion, this car deserves more than money, it deserves all respect and care, it is the queen of film machines.

Ford Mustang Ford Mustang-interior

3. Chevrolet Camaro ’79

This car looks more like the Cadillac Eldorado, but has a personality of its own: The car we found, for 15,000 euro, offers a leather and textile interior, an automatic box, and a V8 engine that develops 132HP. In my opinion, this car is a collection car, it is not worth destroying such a jewel.

Chevrolet Camaro Chevrolet Camaro-interior

2. De Tomaso Pantera

I have to be honest. Until I wrote the article, I had not heard of this car brand. The car is very beautiful, futuristic almost, in my opinion. For a little over 61,000 euros, the car looks great, the V6 engine offers 241HP, a 4-ratio manual box, and a sporty feel. The futuristic leather interior will make you wish to drive it. On all sites, more than 5-6 Pantera can’t be found. Why? The car is for COLLECTION purposes only. In my opinion, this specific car is a very good deal.

De Tomaso Pantera De Tomaso Pantera- interior

1.Mercedes-Benz SL-Klasse

In the ’60-70, a Mercedes was a luxury, a car for which some worked for many years. Why is this car so expensive and famous? It was one of most Hollywood stars’ favorite cars. Cabrio has always been a good choice for a drive in LA. The automatic box is another great attribute of the car, it gives you a driving light. For 130HP, it’s worth listening to Frank Sinatra on the retro radio cassette, very beautiful as well. The car deserves its place as the first. The price is roughly 100,000 euros, but for a collection car, it deserves all the money.

Mercedes-Benz SL Mercedes-Benz SL- interior

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