Top 5 apps you must have on your phone

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Hello guys! As you have seen in the title, I am gonna present to you 5 amazing apps that can help you with work and with lots of stuff. Let’s begin, shall we?:)


Nox Cleaner is an app developed by Nox Ltd., which gives lots of improvements to your device. Some of you might say: Man, this is just a simple phone cleaner in the multitude of apps from Google, probably won’t help me a lot… But let me tell you this is one of the best cleaning apps on Google Play, because of its advanced mechanisms, such as cache, junk, storage, memory cleaners, and other interesting features. I have downloaded this phone cleaner and after one scan, my device was working as a rocket. In plus, it is free, so it worth downloading it.


Another useful app that saves you from taking your documents to a print shop in order to make copies. With CamScanner, all you need to do is to lay down your pages and take photos of them. After that, you can save it to your device as PDF or print it using a wireless printer. All this process takes less time than doing it with a real scanner, I can guarantee.


If you aren’t a math lover and you think making calculations is boring, then I think I have the perfect app for you. With PhotoMath, your life will become easier than before. This app works through your phone camera and all you have to do is to take a photo of the exercise. After a few seconds, it will be solved, the app showing you even the process of calculation. How cool is that?;)


There are people who set their own routines and wake up every morning and get to work in time. But there are some people who love sleeping and can’t wake up so easily. Well, Alarmy could be the solution for the lazy ones like me. It isn’t just a simple alarm as you have already on your phone, you set your wake-up time, and after you need to choose how to stop the alarm, for example by taking a picture of an object, or by solving problems. If you try to avoid them, the alarm won’t stop until you solve them. After using this app, I wake up every morning at the right time, unfortunately…


Was there a time when you were wondering what’s the name of a melody you listened to recently? Probably one of the most brilliant apps made, Shazam is the app that helps you discover new music by pressing a button. For that, you need to play the melody and press the app button so that Shazam record the song. Fast and easy to use, even by children or elders…
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