Top 4 Pixar animated movies that made me cry


 Who doesn’t love a good Pixar animated movie? Whether it is to make your little sibling leave you alone, or just want a break. A nice animated movie does the trick. But for me it’s much more than that. I am currently 20 years old and I still watch Disney movies regularly. And not because I refuse to grow up or I’m clinging to my childhood. I really do enjoy them. I think the animations are great and the stories even better. And if it’s one thing that Pixar knocks out of the park every single time is, sad scenes. I don’t know how, but they manage to make me bawl my eyes out at every movie. So here are a few of my top choices of animated Pixar movies for when you want to cry.  



Of course, I had to get that out of the way. Which one of us hasn’t watched that scene of Ellie’s death and cried their eyes out. But that scene isn’t the only reason I chose this movie. aside from the fact that two Pixar animated characters, had a better love story than any of us will ever have. My tears weren’t because of Her death, or the fact that she never had children. But the fact that her and carl were soulmates. Their relationship starts off so simple and innocent. They are so different and yet they complete each other. So much so that Carl decides to spend his entire life saving for her greatest adventure. 

And the fact that he blamed himself for not achieving her dream. He is so lost after her death that he flies away with his whole house to paradise falls! And while the whole movie is concentrated on his journey to paradise falls. I think that many of us missed the principal message. That carl was so consumed by the fact that he couldn’t give his wife the greatest adventure. When in reality he was her greatest adventure. The way they built up their life together and lived it to the fullest. With nothing but love and respect between them, was the greatest adventure of all.  

2.Finding Dory 

Top 4 Pixar animated movies that made me cry
Pixar/Finding dory

I know that you might be thinking, Dory? Didn’t she mean nemo? Well not really. Although I can’t deny the fact that, in the history of Pixar animated scenes the one where nemo gets lost is one of the saddest. But I personally enjoyed finding Dory more. Maybe it is because of my age now, the fact that I don’t relate to the lost child. But to the scarred adult.  

You see, Dory suffered from short-term memory loss. It was so severe that she would go on for weeks, wandering around, lost in the ocean. And that was sad enough before learning her backstory. But know after I know how she was just a little fish and got lost. How she had to spend her whole life lost and alone. And how her parents never gave up on her. But my favorite scene is by far the one where she finds her parents. And it isn’t just because they are reunited, but how she did it. It was the way that she used what they had taught her as a little fish. And finally, she follows the pretty rocks. And finds her way back home. 


Top 4 Pixar animated movies that made me cry

Even if this movie is not a classic yet, I absolutely love it! Its cozy and magical. It opens up windows into different cultures in such beautiful ways. It talks about the importance of family and music. And it takes place in a magical after-life realm, where the dead are living once again. It also portraits a beautiful way to look at the life after death, and how we should view our loved ones whom have passed away. 

My favorite thing about this movie is the fact that they teach forgiveness. And how perfectly it highlights the importance of letting go of the grudges. As the forgiveness of hector and his acceptance back into the family. Brings only peace and happiness. To both the dead and the living. 

4. Monsters, Inc.

Top 4 Pixar animated movies that made me cry
Pixar/ monsters, inc.

I remember watching this movie as a child and feeling so bad for the monsters. I always had this theory that each monster needed a child friend. Because as I saw the big scary monster James P. Sullivan with Boo, my heart melted. It was that drop of Pixar animated magic. To see someone like Sullivan taking care of such a precious little thing, it was truly amazing. And how their relationship evolved so beautifully. He almost became somehow of a father/big brother to her.

We saw him giving up on everything for her sake, to protect her. He even almost killed himself and got stuck in some snowy mountains forever. All of this, just for her. So he can keep her safe and get her back home. So, when she gets up from her bed and goes to look for him in the closet, and she doesn’t find him. I think it’s safe to say that my heart breaks every single time.

I personally love all Disney and Pixar animation. And I will probably still watch them as long as I can watch movies. Did any of these movies ever made you cry?


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