Top 3 sports that are wonderful during winter


Winter is the season of beautiful and wonder, of family and friends, but did you know that it also provides us with the most interesting sports in the world? Here are top 3 sports that can be done with family or alone and are also fun.

1. Skiing 


One of the most amazing and relaxing activity is skiing. It is a complex sport that can be done by professionals and also amateurs where they use a special equipment ( skis or snowboard, boots, poles and a special gear) that help them slide down the hills covered by snow. Whether for recreation or sportive purpose, it is usually practiced in ski resorts which provide such services as ski lifts, artificial snow making, snow grooming, restaurants, and ski patrol.


2. Hockey 

Top 3 sports that are wonderful during winter

Hockey is a complex sport usually practiced by professionals for competitive purpose but can also be a fun activity if you play it with your friends or family. is played between two teams of skaters on ice using sticks to shoot a hard rubber ice hockey ball called a puck. The purpose of this sport is to score as many ” goals ” as you can by blasting the puck in the gate. Ice hockey is a major event in many western countries such as Canada and the northern parts of the United States.

3. Ice skating 

Top 3 sports that are wonderful during winter

Skating can be found among the most favorite winter activities around the world! From young to elders, everybody can try it. In the cities locals and guests can hit colorful and entertaining skating rinks, where music, hot wine and happy people spin around. Figure skating is a subcategory in which groups, duos or individuals perform a choreography on ice. It was the first winter sport included in the Olympics, in 1908.The four Olympic disciplines are men’s singles, ladies singles, pair skating, and ice dance.



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