Top 3 underrated make-up brands that are actually affordable

underrated make-up brands

Nowadays, the beauty industry is valued at an estimated $532 billion and counting, according to a new report from the retail analytics firm Edited. While some of us may believe that a higher price equals a higher quality of the products, it’s not really the case when it comes to make-up. I must admit, it’s nice to own a few luxury items and pamper yourself from time to time, but are they really worth your money? Let me tell you about some underrated make-up brands that are actually affordable.

I’ve been obsessed with make-up ever since I can remember. To put it another way, I’ve tried pretty much every make-up product that you can find in stores, from low-end stuff like miss sporty, to high-end products such as Fenty Beauty, MAC, and Chanel. So here are some brands that are truly affordable, but don’t cut back on the quality of their products. I’ll also talk about some of my favorite products from each brand, tried and tested by yours truly, the make-up addict.

1. NYX

NYX is one of those make-up brands that have some wonderful, but underrated products.

I recently fell in love with their lip glosses, such as Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Polish ($7) and their bestseller: Butter Gloss ($5).

The Lip Polish has one sheer shade and the rest are glittery (which means it looks gorgeous on all complexions). As it says on the label, it’s a plumping lipgloss, which may cause discomfort to some, but I really love the effect. I have 2 of them and plan on buying the 3rd.

The Butter Gloss is very hydrating, offers a light to medium coverage, and has a beautiful shade range, but some of them aren’t flattering on darker skin tones. Nevertheless, I love that all NYX Lipglosses have a subtle but really pleasant smell!

While I am not really a fan of liquid lipsticks, the Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick ($7) is hands-down the best I’ve ever tried. This super-pigmented opaque velvet liquid lipstick has avocado oil and vitamin E. This is why it has a matte finish that never feels dry. Regardless of how amazing it looks AND feels on the lips, it flakes after a few hours because of the oils in the composition. This didn’t stop me from buying 3 different shades.

NYX also has some pretty eyeshadow palettes and really good eyeliners – Epic Ink Liner ($9) for example (which lasts 1.5 years btw, even though you’re not supposed to use eye products that long). But what really surprised me is the shade range of their foundations and concealers, which is low-key impressive for such an affordable brand.

2. Maybelline

This brand has some concealers and foundations that are more of a hit-or-miss, but their mascaras and lipsticks really take the cake.

My 2nd best mascara of all time will always be The Colossal Mascara ($7.49) without a doubt. Top-rated for a reason, this iconic product gives an instant, big, and clump-free volume. Moreover, I have extremely sensitive eyes, but I never had a problem with it.

Color Sensational: The Mattes ($7.49) is a lipstick collection that will always have a special place in my cold, sad heart. This creamy-matte formula is available in a wide range of nude, pink, red, and plum shades that are flattering, non-drying and pigmented. One thing I hate about this brand is that they discontinued some of their most beloved shades. The shade Daring Ruby is the most gorgeous red, but – you guessed – it’s discontinued. However, I can’t even begin to tell you how nice these lipsticks smell. If it’s good enough for Dita Von Teese, then it’s good enough for me too.

3. Essence

This one of the cheapest brands I know that has such qualitative make-up, but it’s severely underrated. Where do I even begin?

It’s impossible not to ADORE their Lash Princess Mascara ($4.99) and it’s the best I’ve ever tried to this day. Don’t let the price fool you, the quality is unbelievable. I almost finished my 4th tube. Do you want seriously long, pretty, separated lashes? Use this mascara. When I wear it, my friends think that I got lash extensions. Is there more you can ask from a mascara?

I just love, love, love the Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss ($3.29). It has a super smooth formula, it’s not sticky, and creates a wet-look effect on the lips. I’m obsessed with the scent, shine, and how it’s even better than luxury glosses! Unsurprisingly, but shamelessly I own 4 of them. Definitely going to buy more, though.

Another 2 products that I keep buying every time I run out of them are Make Me Brow Gel ($2.99) and Camouflage + Matt Concealer ($3.99). They’re cheap, they’re effective and they never let me down. Dare I say, they’re even better than most high-end products. Sadly, the concealer only has a few shades and does not suit people of color.


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