Top 3 great pandemic movies you must watch

Top 3 great pandemic movies you must watch

It’s hard to understand these times because the pandemic hit different parts of the world. But, something is certain, we all suffered from this. Maybe some of us suffered more, maybe for some of us it was useful, we all lose someone or something. Some of us are stubborn, some of us don’t believe in this virus, some of us don’t want to protect ourselves or the others, so basically, some of us are ignorant.

This pandemic taught us lessons and the most important one is how to protect ourselves and how important it is to keep your distance. Maybe, you didn’t see how the pandemic manifests, so here you have some examples of movies and a little bonus that may show you the real deal:


I think that this one is the most accurate version of how life is going through COVID-19. The virus from this movie seems a lot worse. When it had started the doctors asked themselves “Should we tell somebody?” and they said, “Tell everybody”. I think this is just how COVID-19 started. They didn’t take it seriously, they thought that it was just a flu. After it spread, there was no coming back.

The doctors fought and worked toward a vaccine.  They are trying to find out where it came from, from how or what. After a person got infected, they looked for any places they had been and every person they had contact with. After you’ll see all this “map” you’ll see our pandemic from another point of view because of the accuracy. They are trying to understand the virus at a cellular level, saying things like “it’s pleomorphic.”

These days, nothing feels normal anymore. Everywhere you go, there are a lot of people in the supermarket, a lot of people who don’t wear their masks properly, you smell hand sanitizer everywhere, some wipe their seats with desperation, some are scared and don’t go out not even to throw their garbage. It’s a scary world out there, and if you don’t know how a pandemic looks like, or you don’t believe it, watch this movie and you’ll understand its effect over the world.


This one is based on a true story, more specifically, it’s based on the true story of the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Nigeria. It’s a movie made by a Nigerian direct and played by a Nigerian cast and crew and because of that, coming from someone who felt it on a different level, who felt that terrifying event like no one else, it hits different.

It has some sort of authenticity. In the city of Lagos, the Ebola virus started to spread, and doctors, government officials, and healthcare workers had to take into consideration difficult decisions in order to save millions and millions of lives.


Koreans have special skills when it comes to this kind of movies, no one can compare with them. It’s not just a “zombie movie”, it’s more than that and you’ll understand later why. It’s a terrifying and extreme pandemic, from my point of view. Once you get infected, it’s over. You just have to run for your life and leave everything behind. It all started on a train, I won’t tell you more.

Think about the desperation you have when you have to run for your life on a train that can’t stop or go anywhere because it’s infected. It’s the most intense movie I’ve ever seen, with the most unexpected scenes and most importantly the only “zombie movie” I actually like. Let me tell you a secret, the second movie is available. Enjoy!


“The barrier” is a Spanish series. It’s about a lost Spain where corruption rules, where communism doesn’t seem that “tough”. This Spain is much more than that. If you are infected, it’s not like you’re gonna die, but you automatically lose everything, it’s doesn’t matter, they kill you for nothing. Why? Because there’s no room for all, the food is not enough so good for you that you’re ill, you don’t matter.

The researches for the virus, the fight for the vaccine, the struggle, will make you understand how hard it actually is to find a cure. What will shock, is how they will find a vaccine and with what is made of. I hope you will understand the risks of not taking this pandemic seriously and you will think twice when you’ll get out there. Stay safe!





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