Top 3 Best Anime-Oldies But Goldies Edition


Amidst the recent anime fever that has resurfaced the interweb, I decided to bring into attention some old school animes that I used to watch back in my day when watching anime was considered to be a geek sort of thing, and not a leisure activity worthy of a Ticktock for friends.

am pretty sure all of us have some specific comfort, foods or comfort shows, or even a comfort smell, well just like that I have certain animes I reminisce about and which changed the course of my teenage years. Even though now I am more of a manga sort of girl, I still watch these Japanese shows when I want to remember certain moments from my childhood.Keep in mind, however, that this anime shows are most definitely not for kids.

  1.  Nana- The Best Romantic Anime
Anime Nana
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I’m not sure how many people enjoy romance to the detriment of action films, but I’d say you have to watch this romance, as it pretty much outstandingly deals with what it means to be a young adult who tries to figure out his or hers sexuality, friendship, relationships with themselves and with the world of the adults where vices, sex and sometimes nihilism collide with the need to find a purpose in life.

This anime best sums up, in my opinion, how hard it is to be a girl from a small city who ends up in a metropolis, while you try grasping the current reality you are living meanwhile having numerous temptations all around you.  This is what happens to the protagonist, Nana Komatsu whose life will be swiped away by another Nana (Oosaki) she accidentally meets during a train ride.

  1. Death Note – The Paradigm of Playing God

    anime-death note
    Art copyright is believed to belong to the publisher, Shueisha, or the cover artist, Takeshi Obata.
    From: Wikipedia

I personally think `Death Note` needs no introduction, for its notoriety transcends the realm of anime geeks and the show in itself has been regarded as an animatic masterpiece by many, not only for the animation per se but for the intricate storyline and the philosophical question it poses to its viewers.

`Death Note` follows the story of Light Yagami, a disgruntled high school genius who accidentally finds the `Death Note`, a divine instrument capable of offering its master the capacity to kill people, should the master demand so. This is all I will tell you about this absolute gem of a show, for it is intuitive that it deals with the question of morality, God complex, saviour complex and crisis. I highly recommend you watch it.

  1. Cowboy Bebop – A Jazzy Dystopia 

Here I present, my absolute favourite anime of all time. An animated jazz-adorned dystopia that presents a particular Asian nihilism punches you with a multitude of theories and the types of philosophical questions which usually keep one up at night. The world of `Cowboy Bebop` has Spike Spiegel and his bounty hunters in its centre. They roam the hyperspace with their spacecraft in order to catch bounties and to spice up their life a little bit, after the great calamity which destroyed the Earth as we know it today.

Top 3 Best Anime-Oldies But Goldies Edition
Logo of The Anime, Credit to The Artist

This anime’s greatness is the presentation of much-dreaded existential ennui which encapsulates all of us at one point in life, and Spike and his Space Cowboy crew do exactly that, they try to find a raison d’etre in the monotone, desolate and absolutely destroyed world they live in. This is my last recommendation for now and I definitely think each and every single one of these marvellous animes are a must watch, and I hope they will bring delight to your existence just as much as they did mine.


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