Top 12 stupid reasons to end a relationship

Our generation is a brilliant one. And I truly mean it.

There’s so much flair and resourcefulness per square meter it deserves praise! Well, what can we do, we adapt to the century with the best of our abilities. B.S., schemes and absurd excuses are the norm, more so in relationships. Unfortunately. And this is the result of  having a tremendous issue with assuming what we feel or how we’re living. For most young people (I tend to believe adults are more sincere), it seems easier to invent a stupid excuse for a breakup, than to actually spill the truth. I mean, yeah, we’re the creative generation, remember? What causes people to breakup? Or, at least, what do they say to justify a breakup? So let us present you… Top 12 stupid reasons to end a relationship! 

I talked to 12 young people to dig out the wonders I was talking about earlier. What I’ve found were some authentic confessions, while some were pure madness. I invite you to take a look and leave a comment about the experiences you’ve lived or heard from your peers.

Top 12 stupid reasons

Ineed to emphasize that every experience is authentic, the ages are real. I’ve changed the names to retain anonymity. That being said:

“Once, I didn’t want to go out with a guy, so I’ve told him I have a nails appointment that would last until 12 PM. I’m not sure what plaster he thought I was getting, but he didn’t say a thing. He never even called me after that.” – Dana, 17.

“My girlfriend hated the fact that I was prioritizing my cat, Obama, and wouldn’t go out because of it.

To be honest, I didn’t go out for, like, 3 weeks because I was tending to the cat. Eventually, she left me.” – Andrei, 19

 “After a so-called relationship that lasted 1 month, I was forced to explain that I needed some space, just two weeks in. He didn’t understand. I said I wanted to put an end to it, saying we don’t match. He said that wasn’t a solid reason. And I gave him a solid reason: I’m not your mom to take all your crap!” – Roberta, 19

“My high school consisted of two buildings, 3 minutes away from one another. Somehow, my girlfriend’s class moved to the other building, and that made us breakup. We couldn’t see each other during breaks, because, apparently, I didn’t have time to go to her.” – Cristi, 23

“At 22, I can’t say relationships are my forte. My only serious relationship lasted a year and ended exactly like it had started: away from each other.

365 days of I love you from a distance of 500 kilometers. He was the first boy I presented to my mom, and the first that cheated on me after a month, but I tolerated him for 11 more. I was in 12th grade. There was a constant struggle in my mind: finals, entering college and a long-distance relationship. After we had waited a year for one another, the relationship ended because I screwed up my finals. I can’t wait for you another year, but I’ll always love you, and after a month he was in a relationship with someone else, who he said was just a good friend. Cliché, wouldn’t you agree?” – Alexandra, 22 

“A random girlfriend said to me once something like:

I feel like we need to take a break, to restart again sometime later.

lShe just wanted to see if things would work out with another guy she was seeing, and if not, come back to the sucker.” – Robert, 17

“A guy invited me one evening to a party. I didn’t really like him, but I wanted to go. When he arrived to pick me up, he hugged me, and I started sneezing. My brother told me to say that I sneeze when in the company of insufferable people. I felt so bad afterwards.” – Cristina, 17

“When you end a relationship with a mature man, excuses become even more interesting. This kind of men try to protect you through some abstract excuses, like: “I’m not good enough for you”, “I allow you to find someone more suitable” or “You’re amazing, but I’ve gone through a lot and I’m afraid to start something new”. Confusion inevitably happened to me when I saw him with other women.” – Paula, 22


I’m not ready for a relationship, but then she hooks up with the dude twice as big as you and more financially potent…Ah, and also the owner of a rusty 90’s car that he calls a chick magnet.”

 “I want to take a break – this one happens when the girl finds another fountain of money, but she doesn’t want to spill the beans, so she gives you this one to leave, silently, step by step. If you don’t have a car or money, you can’t satisfy me.

I have a saying: What’s in your pants beats what’s in your pocket.” – Vlad, 22

“A dude told me something like I’m bipolar. I suffer from a multiple personality disorder. I don’t want to hurt you.” – Ana, 19

 “The most bs and annoying line I’ve heard during the end of a relationship was this: I think we should call it quits, because distance kills every sentiment. I feel like I could cheat on you and I don’t want to do that to you. I feel like you should know how I feel. Why text? Because I’m too much of a coward to pick up the phone.” – Bianca, 19

 “So, there was this girl. We met on Facebook – classic.

We’ve talked for a year, we were both into it, even if there were hundreds of kilometers between us.

I’ve travelled to the sea, alone, to meet with her; she was with her group. We’ve stayed together for 4 hours, and then she was gone: she wouldn’t pick up the phone, no texts, nothing. The excuse/reason? It was really intense while it lasted, I couldn’t handle more than this. Cool story, bro! That’s how you kill a human.” – David, 23



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