Top 10 Women Biden Might Pick As Vice President


As we already know, Biden’s self-imposed deadline for deciding who’s going to be his Vice President is coming closer. Due to the latest racist and sexist events, people think Biden is going to pick a woman of color to be his Vice. There are hundreds of possibilities, but here’s CNN’s top 10 women Biden might pick as Vice President.

10. Karen Bass – the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus

The African American Democrat is one of the public’s favorites because of her dedication to fighting racial problems.

Karen Bass

9. Tammy Baldwin – the senator from Wisconsin

The senator co-hosted a conference with Biden on Wednesday about some potential treatments for Covid-19. Baldwin has been a leader on many progressive issues, a record that could help the moderate Biden attract voters from the party’s left flank. She could also be the first Vice of the US part of the LGBT community.

Tammy Baldwin

8. Gina Raimondo – the governor of Rhode Island

Raimondo would be a great choice for the VP who will make a change by restoring adult supervision in Washington. She’s also a very smart and determined woman with a very high chance of winning.

Gina Raimondo

7. Elizabeth Warren – the senator from Massachusetts

Warren is a national figure in her own right and beloved by liberals, and that’s what is ranking her in the top 10. She’s a very powerful and committed woman, and she would make a great VP.

Elizabeth Warren

6. Tammy Duckworth – the senator from Illinois

The former U.S. Army lieutenant colonel finally got a major burst of national attention within the last week thanks to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Carlson called her a “moron” for affirming she was open to talking about removing statues of George Washington and accused her that she “actually hates America.” She’s still an amazing option for VP.

Tammy Duckworth

5. Val Demings – congresswoman in Orlando

Demings became one of Biden’s possible Vices because of her unique resume. The Florida congresswoman is a former Chief of the Orlando Police Department, the first woman to lead the department, capping a 27-year career with the department.

Val Demings

4. Michelle Lujan Grisham – the New Mexico governor

Grisham, the 32nd governor of New Mexico, is the first Democratic woman elected governor of New Mexico. She isn’t the kind of politician you see every night on TV. Grisham is taking a far more down-home way of the veepstakes.

Michelle Lujan Grisham

3. Susan Rice – former United States Ambassador to the United Nations

The national security adviser during the Obama administration has unparalleled experience in how government works. That’s a great advantage in this race and that’s what is placing her in top 3. This and the fact that she has the longest relationship with Biden than anyone else on the list.

Susan Rice

2. Keisha Lance Bottoms – The Atlanta mayor

Keisha’s early loyalty to the former vice president stands out in this race. They are more than colleagues, they’re friends. This is what makes the choice between the first two places so hard.

Keisha Lance Bottoms


  1. Kamala Harris – The senator from California

She’s everyone’s favorite, especially Biden’s, and her chances to win are almost unbreakable. She has more pluses than anyone else on this list: She’s a beautiful Black and Indian American woman from a massive Democratic state.

Kamala Harris



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