Too busy to be respectful? You don’t say!


To many of us, buses are just like matchboxes, except that you can travel in them. However, if you think getting on a bus is hard because of all the agglomeration, try getting off – that’s the real challenge! Moving past the fact that we don’t have many buses in our country (Romania), we also have to face problems when it comes to passengers’ inexistent respect for others. Sometimes they yell “Busy!” in your face and that makes me wonder: are you really that busy to be respectful? You don’t say!

Disclaimer: This post is based exclusively on my personal experiences and opinions. If your opinion is different or you have experiences that are worth sharing, feel free to write them down in the comment section.
How many times did you get on the bus, having the absolute pleasure to see bags and backpacks meticulously arranged on the seats?

Too many times. I can’t complain about that because I, myself, sometimes try to be selective with the people sitting next to me on public transport. But I don’t let my precaution become disrespect towards others. When I see the bus gets crowded, I put my backpack down to my feet and let random people sit on the other seat. I obviously don’t need two seats for myself.

However, it gets worse! If you think it’s disrespectful when one takes up two seats for themselves, others occupy three or even four at a time!

Because you see, my friend X is coming and it’s better if you stand up! Dude, you’re absolutely right! It’s perfectly fine for me to stand up when half a bus is free because the other seats are probably reserved as well. And then, X gets on the bus and laughs at me because I’m standing like an idiot when there’s plenty of seats available. I look at the unoccupied seats around me and wonder: are you really that busy to be respectful? You don’t say!

The other day I was headed home when I somehow got involved in an argument because I had taken somebody else’s seat. And I couldn’t say anything because people get all fired up over a bus seat that is apparently “occupied”. You’re joking, right? Occupied? I don’t see anyone. I only see two seats that are said to be occupied, but aren’t. Maybe I need to change my glasses because all I can see is a huge lack of respect and the modern version of the law of the jungle.

The biggest mistake you can make is to express your opinion to those who can’t accept other people’s points of view! I dared to open my mouth and revolt against what I considered nonsense. Do you know what happened? I suddenly became the Antichrist among Christians! Now, after that incident, people leave their seats when they see me, I’m almost like the wolf among the sheep!

Moving past the fact that you’re overcharged for the 8 miles that you travel, you also have to be careful where you sit because someone might be waiting for their imaginary friend to arrive. You overlook the glares and mutters. But when they ask you to move over because they’re saving the seat for somebody else… That’s when they overpass every possible limit of stupidity and ridicule. Who knows, maybe tomorrow they’ll ask the driver to stand up because that seat’s taken too!

Let’s not be ridiculous!

We all pay the same price. All students have the same discount. Why do we make such a big deal out of a goddamn seat? What did I miss? Make me understand because from where I’m standing, I can’t see what’s so special about a bus seat. Why do I have to stand where there are plenty of free seats? Wait, right! They’re all “taken”. Honestly, when I get on the bus, I just sit down and carry on with my thoughts. I hardly care about my “neighbor”, I don’t really talk to anyone and to me, every seat is the same.

So, I don’t see any reason why you should get in an argument over a seat. No, lady, I won’t give you my seat on the bus! Yes, you can stand. And you can glare at me all you want, I still won’t give up my seat for you. Yes, the seat next to me is free, you can stay, I don’t mind!

Why did I write this article? Well, why not? Maybe some will identify with it and be more considerate next time they’re on public transport. Or maybe it will give someone the impulse they need to exercise the rights they’re paying for.

Respect is all that we want. Want to know more about teenagers and how they perceive respect? Check this article!

Author: Ana-Maria Retegan


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