Tobacco and alcohol – Two addictions accepted by society


When talking about drugs, tobacco and alcohol are many times left out in favor of marijuana or cocaine. In the case of the latter, however, the transition is made extremely fast, from a simple distraction to a hobby and eventually to dependence. You don’t even notice when a glass of “feeling good” transforms in five, and those five in ten, and after that, you can’t stop drinking 20 daily. So let’s talk about… Tobacco and alcohol – Two addictions accepted by society!

However, let’s not hide behind the bush. Sometimes, a party is not a party without a few shots (and if a party is near and, just like me, you’re taking antibiotics, I wish you good luck). After a class with that awful teacher, you go out for a smoke.

Nobody in this world is a saint: neither those with vices nor those that judge. It’s important that everything is done with a limit imposed by doctors, by those around, but especially imposed by you.

The problem is that, from “let’s try a cigarette “ to“ I NEED a cigarette “ there is less than many think. Many omit this, willingly or not.

There’s no need for examples because these are found at every party, building corner or in any family.

You have probably heard for a thousand times that “Self control is the key”. It sounds formal and pompous. It seems like something that nobody understands, not even those who give this advice. It’s not one taken into consideration, because the one who gives it appears to not know what the battle with that cigarette from the packet or with that full glass on the table.

Actually, self control really is the key to not get addicted.

Most people talk about self control like a detoxification method, but it has to be taken into consideration far before getting there. This auto control comes hand in hand with self-knowledge (self control, self control, and self control again).

Try to realize after how many glasses you use to get more euphoric than you should and stop there. It’s hard to say STOP, I know, but you have to do this in order to not go down, to not get depressed, to not get lonely and have suicidal thoughts.

There are many myths from which result that alcohol is healthy in certain quantities. Alcohol does not help digestion, like many believe. It doesn’t quench thirst, on the contrary, it leads to dehydration.

It doesn’t warm you up and it doesn’t help blood circulation. The sensation of warmth appears only for a few moments and only at the surface of the skin. Then, the body cools down, so grandpa’s saying: “A glass of moonshine is good for the cold” is not so relevant.

It’s good that at least tobacco isn’t considered healthy. Everybody knows how damaging it is. We all saw statistics of numerous deaths. We won’t give you those. A thing known for hundreds of years doesn’t impress anyone anymore.

There is no point in talking about risks and illnesses, using pompous medical words. You would be more interested in ruined lives.

Everybody is talking about the effects of smoking, but nobody is talking about the cancer patient in a sad hospital hallway. Nobody says anything about the children born with malformations because their mothers smoked during their pregnancy and chose not to give up on this vice just because of the commodity. We also don’t talk about the grandfather that could’ve seen his grandchildren grow up, but couldn’t because of his alcohol addiction.

If you know someone who is struggling with addiction, you might wanna check this article out too.

But until death, life is degraded to the extreme. The grandfather we were talking about didn’t get to know his grandchildren very well because he was always staying at the bar, and the bar became his home without him even thinking about grandma or realizing how the lives around him are getting destroyed. Entire families get dismantled because of an addiction, everyone around the addicted being affected.

Not only the addicted one is at fault, the world around him is as well. Most of the people only condemn, instead of helping. They only lecture a man who can’t be helped by this, instead of bringing him to rehab, where he could really be helped. Instead of helping a man on the brink of the grave, they push him without even realizing it.

But how can they help when the addict doesn’t want help?

The majority of people that got to a certain point of addiction forget about family. They forget even about their own person when they have to choose between the loved ones and the addiction they fight with.

After all of this, curiously, alcohol and tobacco are legal. At one point, even legal high was legal. But soft drugs, less damaging and having medicinal properties wouldn’t be legalized in any shape or form.

Why help someone when you can ruin them?

Prohibition, one of the biggest legislative movements through which production, sale, import and export of a product was forbidden, had a great magnitude in America in 1920 and lasted until 1933.

The “Noble experiment” was an attempt to prohibit alcohol and alcoholic drinks on a national level. It was a political movement placed under the pressure of some religious interests.

Ten… ten years were needed for man to realize that he can ruin a life, that “you can’t live without vices”.

“Tobacco and alcohol affect the world’s population on a larger scale than drugs, and people refuse to see this. It’s a money-making strategy, one of profiting on those that are weak, but also the side effects that we see daily at the most beautiful people from our lives.”

Authors: Laura-Stefania Birgaoanu and Raluca Calin


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