To be or not to be jealous – this is the question!

To be or not to be jealous
To be or not to be jealous

Yes, yes, I know that your relationship is all just milk and honey. But still, when you see a girl walking proudly by you and your sweetheart turns his head after her, doesn’t that make you uncomfortable and you slab him with the back of your hand? Isn’t that right? To be or not to be
jealous? – this is the question!

And so the following thing happens:
You, homegirl, smart, beautiful, early home, complete package complete with the same nerves and madness of every woman.
He, handsome, elegant, studious man, and a complete package of the typical charmer of our times. The Facebook intervenes, a like on your new picture, a message, a kiss, and you find yourself with the typical relationship. All nice and good, but what do you do when as he gave
you likes and comments on those sublime pictures, you see one day, a like, from him to … a girl that’s NOT you?

to be or not to be jealous

You didn’t see this coming, did you?

So you go and ask him like a refined and calculated woman the famous question: Who the hell is this?! and you hear the typical answer: Just a friend, love!

Well, wait a second, it doesn’t work like this.

Weren’t t you also just friends at the beginning, until you stopped being stubborn and went out with him? And then another date, and another, and another, until love you like a train? You were, weren’t?
And don’t you get jealous when you see that message pop up on his phone from her? That you do not admit it and tell him that you trust him it’s beside the point.

But jealousy, in the initially minor amount, is there. Have you ever seen the relationships of the musicians? Eh, at least out of curiosity, follow the course to of such a relationship. You may be surprised at
some things.

When one goes to the sing somewhere and the other stays home and sees live the shows with dedications and insanity, doesn’t he start getting jealous?

Oh, not in your case?

I know a girl who talked with his boyfriend and he swears he’s home, quiet, and then when she joins a live and sees him god knows where partying with friends.

Aren’t men sweethearts?

The same way, I know another boyfriend who went out every morning for coffee without his babe and the poor girl woke up one day that that little coffee was anything but a coffee, more of a mistress actually.
How did she figure it out? On Instagram.

to be jealous

She entered to see what’s new and found the two of them mouth to mouth on her feed. She went out of her mind and could barely contain herself? As it would be normal! But she didn’t fight it off with the mistress, unfortunately, but she did left him hanging. It’s not easy having to deal with jealousy.

To be or not to be jealous?
Either way, it’s not gonna be alright.

No matter how much trust you have in him, no matter how good it may be, anyone who loves honestly is a little jealous at times. Especially when you with your ninja instincts you feel that something is off. It is important not to go overboard with it, but it’s your relationship, everyone knows what’s best
for them.

There is also the saying, what you don’t know won’t hurt you, so either keep your secrets well or prepare for the worse, because there is something called karma and it reaches each and every one of us.
Karma is kind of like Santa Claus … If you were good, you get good things from life. If you weren’t… good luck!


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