4 amazing tips to help you travel more sustainably and responsibly 

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

It’s no secret that tourism has become one of the richest industries of the world, providing countries with job opportunities, economic improvement, and overall better living conditions. However, the consequences that follow are countless which many business owners sweep under the carpet.  Environmental pollution, endangering wildlife, and producing an enormous carbon footprint are only a few of them.  

Planning sustainable travel is the best solution for preserving all those beautiful destinations. You only need to make the effort of investing a little bit of your time in exploring the best options your tourist destination offers. Fortunately, you don’t have to search too far as we have kindly put together a list of useful tips that will enable you to make the most of your journey and leave a positive environmental impact at the same time.  

Support local businesses  

You’d be surprised to know how little profit local businesses make during tourism seasons since most of the money spent by foreigners goes into the pockets of big-chain tourism companies. So, the easiest way of making your travel sustainable is by supporting local economies. You can help out by eating in local restaurants, buying groceries in small stores instead of the big supermarkets, or purchasing souvenirs from the little stands on the side of the street.  

Choose your mode of transportation wisely  

Although it’s the safest and most convenient way of traveling, flying remains the most polluting mode of transportation. Therefore, whenever possible, try to travel by train, bus or car instead of a plane. Even though it might take you twice the time to arrive at your destination, remember that you are making a small sacrifice in order to protect the only planet we’ve got.  

Try to find eco-friendly accommodation  

Despite being tricky to find, eco-friendly accommodations are out there and with a little help from a search engine, you can easily book one. They are built in a way to produce as little waste as possible and reduce the carbon footprint down to a bare minimum. For example, they use solar panels, install water-saving systems, buy supplies from local businesses, etc.  

Reduce your plastic use at the bare minimum  

We have all seen at some point a photo of beaches filled with waste, barely being able to step a foot on them. Part of single-use items always ends up in oceans and seas one way or another. But there is a very simple solution to prevent blue-sky waters from becoming irreversibly contaminated and toxic for marine life. Whenever you travel, don’t forget to pack a water flask, metal straws, reusable shopping bags, and a wooden toothbrush. 


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