Tips on on reading more : How I read 110 books during the preposterous 2020

reading more

Reading more and more books every year has always been a goal for me. When I was a high school student, I used to read around 20-30 books every year, and at the time, I found it to be utterly impressive. However, going to college and becoming a Comparative Literature student has totally stepped up the game for me.

During my first year of UNI I read around 70 books, and in my second year, I succeeded to read 100 books. I know it should always be about quality over quantity, but there is so much Kafka one can stand after a tiring day. In the end, reading more books gave me a feeling of accomplishment, and it did contribute to my self-esteem.

What happened in my third year

Getting to my third year of college, I believed that reading for pleasure may not be an option for me anymore. While in the past 2 years reading more had become a great priority for me, at that time I had my dissertation and final exams to worry about.

I knew I had to give my very best at UNI, and had to sacrifice most of my reading time in doing so. So I set my Goodreads Reading Goal to be about 70 books for 2020. If by summer I had realized that goal to be impossible to achieve, I would have simply changed it to a more realistic number. Then the cursed lockdown happened, and all of our lives and priorities have changed.

What happened during the lockdown

reading more

While some discovered new hobbies, as well as trying out countless Pinterest recipes, I have started reading more for pleasure once again. Not only that, but by not having physical classes anymore, all of my teachers started to imagine we were wasting too much time as it was. So they doubled, even tripled our reading quota.

I remember I had a minimum of 3 books to read every week during that period. Was it tough? Yes! Do I regret it? Not really. I have found so many amazing new authors that have totally engulfed my mind with their magical writing style. For example, I have discovered an unknown passion for Japanese authors and Japanese literature altogether

Why hosting readathons made my lockdown days feel magical

Readathons are a perfect way of reading more books over a short period of time. I had tried out readathons before and they simply hadn’t worked for me. I had found that being SUPPOSED to read made me simply unable too. But during the lockdown period, it simply worked out like magic. I had over 4 successful readathons that felt like real parties, celebrating with lit candles and comfort food to set the mood.

Having buddy reads with my friends was simply the best way of reading more

I truly love buddy reading. Whether me and my buddy reader got to enjoy the book or not, we have shared the experience of reading a title at the same time, as well as getting to discuss it all through our reading progress. Buddy reads are truly outstanding as they can get you out of your comfort zone by engaging yourself in a common journey with a fellow reader. For anyone that wants do be reading more, getting a buddy reader is almost a must.

All things considered, during the preposterous lockdown, as I was trying to graduate from college and the world was falling apart around me, reading has been my everything. I think of all the characters that have joined my journey as true heroes that have fought together with me to in order to preserve my mental health. Yes, 2020 stole a lot from me, but it also gave back ten folded.

May we always find the silver lining through every dark scenery from our existences. After all, we are never truly out of the woods, as we are always fighting for something.

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