Tips on how to feel energised without consuming caffeine


Yes, coffee or energy drinks containing caffeine may make you feel like you are having the time of your life even though you are just finishing up an assignment for Uni at 4 AM. But they are not as healthy as we wish they were. Are there any alternatives out there?

How can you feel energised without consuming caffeine? Or… can you?

Some drink coffee as if it’s the best thing they have ever tasted and others despise the idea of consuming it.

As you may have guessed, I am one of the people who think coffee does more bad than good when it comes to your overall health. You can read more about the cons of drinking coffee here.

Here are the things I love doing instead of consuming caffeine, to energise myself:

Eating fruits and veggies (or specifically, bananas)

Consuming vegetables and fruits is, in general, a great idea, not only if you have been feeling tired. They have a great content of vitamins and acids (such as ascorbic acid) which are beneficial for your organism.

Moreover, the quantity of sugar found in fruits and vegetables is high enough for your brain to transform into glucose and use in this form, but not so high that it makes you feel overactive and stressed out.

What about bananas, though? Could they help in any way?

In fact, yes. Eating bananas has been linked to reducing the amount of stress in various scientific studies. Moreover, they are high in potassium (K) and vitamin B, substances which significantly lower anxiety levels and stimulate the production of serotonin.

Drinking plenty of water

Is it just me or does drinking water on an empty stomach actually feel more refreshing and replenishing than drinking a cup of coffee?
Staying well-hydrated is the key to feeling energetic and well-rested.

Do you want to drink coffee for the effects it has on metabolism but are afraid of the other consequences such as osteoporosis or high blood pressure?

Great! Drink water instead! But first, get informed on how much water you should drink considering your weight, age, other health conditions etc.

You’ll thank me later.

Sleeping well and enough

Feeling tired all of the time? Cannot function without your cups of coffee? Have you ever considered taking a deeper look at your sleep schedule?

Sleeping enough does not mean that you should sleep a certain amount of time. I feel like everyone should start talking about sleep not using hours but sleep cycles.
A good night’s sleep consists of at least 2-3 sleep cycles. One sleep cycle lasts for approximately 1 and a half-2 hours.

If you find calculating your sleep time, the time when you should wake up, or the time that you should go to sleep in order to feel rested, too hard to deal with, I insist you use Sleepytime!!

Furthermore, if you usually have trouble falling asleep I suggest drinking a cup of a warm beverage such as milk or tea before bed. Or even diffusing essential oils in your bedroom may help.

Also, one of the reasons why you can’t fall asleep may be the fact that you aren’t physically active enough. Consider taking a walk before bed.

Still, these won’t do anything for you if you do not care for your mental health as well. Stay away from toxic people and situations, love yourself and always do your best.


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