Tips on how to develop more confidence (based on my experience)


Tips on how to develop more confidence (based on my experience)

  • To develop your confidence can seem like an overwhelming task, but the most important place to begin is at its source. Your confidence is an emotion that is expressesd by knowing who you really are. This can be challenging because we are so busy that we can forget about living free. Activities and responsibilities abound, but it’s viral to look beyond what you do every day to discover who you are. Your chores and errands, your volunteer efforts, your hobbies and even your professional work don’t define who you are as a person, while these tasks are important because they help you manage your life.

Tips on how to develop more confidence (based on my experience) Tips on how to develop more confidence (based on my experience)

  • Spend time reflecting on what makes you who you are. Make a list of those qualities that distinguish you as a unique person. Get to know your personal strengths and add those to your list. Review your list carefully. It it is essential to realize the danger of basing your definition of yourself on circumstances or shallow qualities that can change, such as your body, wealth, career progression, clothes, friends or car. If your confidence rests on something that circumstances can take away, you’ll lose your confidence along with it, choose to base your confidence on what will never change the true essence of who you are as a person. Confidence that’s based on your true qualities, and not your daily activities or a shellow sense of self, is unshakeable.

Tips on how to develop more confidence (based on my experience) Tips on how to develop more confidence (based on my experience)

  • A clear view of yourself will lead to a healthy sense of confidence, where you won’t fall victime to extremes of either inferiority or pride. If you find that your confidence suffers when you compare yourself to your friends and their succes. Determine why you perceive yourself in the way you do, then work to develop coping mechanisms such as positive reinforcement. Learn how to view yourself from an accurate perspective so you can think properly about yourself with humility yet strength allowing you to avoid either arrogance or low self-esteem. Then you’ll be free to develope confidence.


  • As you re-center yourself you will discover a new found desire to live with purpose and passion, furthering your confidence journey. After you have a solid grasp of the qualities that define you as a person work to discover your core values. Become aware of what you think, how you feel and what you want. Ask yourself question like :

What do I most enjoying doing and why?
Which are my hopes and dreams?
What are my anxieties and concerns?
How am I supposed to live my life?
What do I continue to return to regardless of disappointments and set backs?
When or where do I most enjoy my work?


Once you have identified what your priorities and purpose are in life, you are able to make choices that reflect those priorities. When faced with indecisions about what to do in your life, your priorities become an important reference point.

As you make decisions based on what you value most, your confidence will grow, you’ll perform best at the things you have the most desire to do. Figure out what specific actions you should take to live out your purpose in the word. Then take a look at your schedule and see the way you’re currently spending your time and energy. Ask yourself if you’re investing the best of your time and energy into your core values. Are you using up your resources on others? What changes can you make that will free up more of your time and energy for pursuing your core values?

Remind yourself regularly of the contribution you’d like to make to the word during your life time. Decide today to build your priorities so you can live with the sense of purpose that develope confidence.


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