Tips and tricks on how to become a billionaire

how to become a billionaire

The man was born to be free; but anywhere you look, he is stuck in chains. Some believe they are masters of others, but they do not realize they are slaves. Some people think having money makes everything possible, so how do you do this thing? In this article, we’ll talk about a few tips and tricks on how to become a billionaire.

“Freedom is indeed available to all, but it still has a price.” – Robert Kiyosaki, American multi-billionaire, investor and entrepreneur.

Ladies and gents, take a seat and Let’s talk about a success story – or How to become a multi-billionaire.

What can he teach us? Before we even start, I have to tell you, no matter what you choose to do with your life, if you want to get the success you think you deserve,

You got to work  

Anytime you’re about to do something big, ask yourself: “Shall I work hard or shall I work smart?”. Everyone wants to get success and independence, but you gotta know a thing- many wealthy people are investors and entrepreneurs. Of course, there also are employees and freelancers. But not so many. Maybe 5%.

 If you find 5% good enough for you and if you think what you read is shit, close the page and hope to see you later. You didn’t find anything interesting. Bad luck for you.

So you stayed – congrats.

The first step is never easy

If you want to be successful in any of the 4 fields (employee/ freelancer /entrepreneur/ investor),

Basic knowledge of technical skills is not enough

You also need to know the essential differences that make people choose a particular area. Once you do this, life will be much easier! Pursuing your interests can be difficult and sometimes confusing, especially in the beginning. There are many things to learn, no matter how many you already know.

It is a process of a lifetime

Fortunately, only the beginning is difficult. As you commit to it, life is starting to become easier. It shouldn’t be a hard thing and you shouldn’t feel selfish. Think about it. It should be normal.



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