Tips and tricks for students which may help you to stay focused in classes


Let me introduce you to my life as a student. I don’t have much experience, but I’ve learned how things work, how classes work. As students, we don’t have much free time, so we need to be focused on our classes as much as we can so we can balance our time. I am always looking for new tips and tricks. I tried to learn a lot of tips and tricks over time and I was desperate to pass my classes, but most important I tried to learn how in this world I can stay focused and awake in classes. So, here are my tips and tricks:

First of all, wake up early. I know It’s hard and you’ve  probably  just finished an episode from your favorite series. Maybe you are not a morning person. Maybe you hate mornings. But trust me, it’s a time worth saving. Wake up early, start with something you like and do it. It may be music, sport, a nice breakfast, but don’t be lazy. Give up on bad habits like staying on your phone in the very moment you wake up. Try to be more active from the moment you wake up. Drink enough water in the morning, add some lemon, make a light breakfast and here you go. Maybe a tea it will work as well.

Then, make a list with all the things you want to do in that day. Write down anything, for example, you want to do laundry, study, shop, write, to do your homework, anything you have in plan. Write down everything and anything. When you finish your task, mark it and go do your next one. It may seem a long way but when you will go to bed you will be so proud that you did everything you wanted to do in that day.

What about your classes?

Try to stay focused in classes, as hard as it may be, you are the creator of your future. Your career depend on you and if you have to do something do it as soon as you can, stop using excuses. Try to drink water, take vitamins, drink tea, eat and drink healthy. Take breaks, but not for too long, don’t lose your concentration. Study and take a break every 45 minutes, a short break, for like 5-10 minutes. Don’t take 1 or 2 hours breaks, finish your study, and then do your thing. It’s important to finish what you started, always.

In classes, here’s some tips and tricks that may help you, even if they are online, you can adapt them.  Do a lot of research, look for any word you don’t understand, look for links, for definitions, extra information. Make plans, write down some short ideas about the subject, you may as well to color them. Focus only on the subject, don’t lose your concentration by distracting yourself, this way you are just losing precious time.

How to stay focused, you wonder?

Focus on one task at a time. Log out from you socials, put your phone away. These tips and tricks will make you focus a lot in classes. Drink water anytime you need, you may drink coffee to feel more energized and focused.  Study in clean space. Clean your table and your room, you will be more focused studying in a place like this. Always take notes, balance the time for yourself with the time for studying. Don’t skip classes and study a bit after the classes, to make sure you understand the lectures and to avoid the panick before tests.

If you take care of yourself and try as hard as you can to stay focused in classes, you won’t be as stressed as you think you are.  If you keep up with a healthy lifestyle, study a lot, if you finish you tasks, drink your water, you’ll succeed and be more focused. Don’t wait until the next day, until the next break, the next anything. Stop wasting your precious time and work for your future instead. Hope those tips and tricks will help you with your classes!


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