Tips and tricks for self-empowerment at home

tips and tricks

Motivation – That`s what you tell yourself every morning. Yet, I can tell you this is not something you need to start your day. Here are some tips and tricks that worked for me to feel better with myself, to feel empowered, and to give more of a good vibe to others.

Your every day should start with some stretching, some 10-minutes-morning self-care – when you wash your face, brush your teeth and put on a moisturizer and chapstick – and a full breakfast that goes directly to your soul. You can have healthy food, or you can go for a carb-meals, it doesn’t matter as much as it makes you feel good about yourself. Though, I suggest you have a detox day once a week to release the toxins and worship your body. It’s not really something necessary, but I can assure you that it will make you feel better: no excessive bloating, no stomach ache, fewer skin problems.

And if we talked about food, now let’s say something about tricks

I’m not going to tell you how much water you have to drink in a day, but I’d like to say to you: STAY HYDRATED! I know this is pretty hard and sometimes you forget. Though, the best way to remember yourself to drink water is to have a post-it in your mirror. Or somewhere you can see easily. For me, it worked. I have a small note in the corner of my mirror with some smiling cacti and a ‘stay hydrated’ quote. It’s pretty powerful as I am looking at myself and I want to be healthy and beautiful and I know water can help a lot. So, when I see myself, I also see the note, and that empowers myself, gives me confidence because I know how to treat myself. I don’t drink enough water, though, but it is definitely more than I drank before.

Moreover, put some nice quotes or some compliments for yourself somewhere on the mirror.

This way, you’ll read them every time you look at yourself and help you with your confidence, worth, and trust. Sometimes it’s hard to tell nice things to ourselves, so it’s easier to read them. Somehow, you’ll have an inner dialogue with yourself; at first just reading, afterward, believing in yourself with the words you say.

I also know that you may not feel so good about yourself, so those words might seem like lies to you. Well, you should lie to yourself with those words. First, it’s the placebo effect. If you think something may solve your problems, it will definitely do so, because you don’t know ‘what you are taking.’ Second, that’s how the law of attraction works: positive thoughts bring positive experiences, and negative thoughts bring negative experiences into a person’s life. So, if you lie to yourself, you’ll start believing it at some point. You start thinking that it’s true; it will attract good things for you, and you’ll feel better in your skin.

tips and tricksMore tips and tricks with sticking notes: the one where you put all your memories on the walls.

My cousin has a room where he put all his medals and trophies and certificates all over. He’s a very confident guy, and I think that ‘show off’ helped him. I do something similar: I put all the letters and notes from lovers, friends, or bus strangers on my walls. I added to that the posters from contests or shows I have been a part of. It makes me a lot happier. I guess this is because I can see them often and they remind me where I started and where I am now; how far I’ve come. You can do this too, because those memories, happy or sad, resemble you and made you the person you are today. There is rarely someone to remember you how amazing you are, so why don’t you do it by yourself? I give you some tips and you do the tricks!

And something that can help you with that, even more, is a ‘self-care day’ – or an ‘at home spa-day.’ From time to time, boy or girl, you need some time for yourself. The best way to heal yourself and make your personality stronger is by treating your skin and body. First, let’s start with some scented candles to set the mood. tips tricksYou can bring in some flowers, for a more natural perfume. Secondly, consider it your cheat day: have some chocolate and a glass of wine while taking your bath. Put some sea salt and rose petals or lavender buds in your bath to release the stress. You’ll have your 5-stars services at home for free. After that, gently pat yourself with your favorite towel. Put on some body-mousse and hand cream, to get rid of the dry skin. Get a hydrating mask or one for acne and keep it for twenty minutes, while making some tea.

Tea every night is the best habit you can have.

You won’t feel the need to eat at night anymore. The plants’ flavor will fill your stomach, and heart, too. Depending on the tea you choose, you can get better sleep, relieve stress, get rid of panic attacks, or clean your inner body. It’s up to you what treatment you want to give yourself tonight. Tips and tricks for self-empowerment at home

And the least expected one, exercising. This is a good way to let your anger to the surface and set it free. I found out that if you concentrate your fury properly, you’ll have some wins. I exercise when I’m angry, because I am full of energy and I need a way to let it out, and it is also beneficial for myself. Doing exercise helps you feel physically capable. It keeps you healthy, mentally. Showing the world that you can run 2 km every night gives you the capability to show them that you can lead them, from an intellectual point. Physical work empowers you and energizes you. It transforms all the bad vibes into good ones.

Those were some tips and tricks that helped me during the years to feel better about myself and be more confident. But, also, taught me that human beings need an impulse to see themselves differently. Sometimes it requires a heart-breaking action, other times just seeing someone else’s happiness. And here is mine for you. You are the good person you think you are, and you should stop doubting that. Humans need to be supported. Start giving more and let yourself receive some.


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