Time: 5 steps on how to organize it easily

Learn to organize your time properly

We have to realize that we are the owners of our own time,we control it.Yes we may have school and work,and it may seem that we do not control every minute in our life,but think about it this way:you are choosing work,school and every other activity.You can start by organizing your  time when you are free from work,school and any other obligations.Don’t forget that you are the owner of the time in your life,spend it wisely.

1.Make a schedule that fits your needs and goals

By writing everything that needs to be done on paper,on our computer,or somewhere on our phones,we are making every task a priority and we are capable of finishing it properly.Add tasks and goals that are easy to achieve.Break every task in little ones so that it can be easier for you to finish them.Add everything in your schedule.Be it work,be it gym,be it even time with friends.If you have it written down it becomes easier to manage your time and get even some free time for yourself.Maybe you want to learn something new,get a promotion at work,or improve something about yourself.Make it your priority.

As you do,little by little,every task you have written down,the confidence in yourself will grow,as you see that you can do what you had planned,you will get more ambitious,because you will realize that you can do whatever you have planned for yourself.Time: 5 steps on how to organize it easily

2.Put your tasks on categories

Make sure that you have a category for each task you want to achieve.You can use colors or fonts to differentiate them in order for you to have it easier.

You can have important and urgent tasks,that need to be done right away and you can prioritize them,on top of your list,so that you are done with them quickly.

Some are important but maybe they are not urgent so you can take your time in completing them.

The ones that are not urgent and not important can be set aside,so that you can do them when you can,as they are not to be completed immediately.

In time,it will become easier and easier to differentiate the type of tasks you have to finish.It is important that you do all of them with patience,so that you are finishing them properly.

3.Time blocking

Try to block a period of time in your day,make it a priority that you complete a certain task.If you have a period of time blocked for work or for school,you can block an hour or two as well,when you are free,so that you do everything you have in your mind.

4.Set a time limit

If you want to  be sure that you are completing some of the tasks and adding new ones,you can try and add a time limit so that you are a little bit pressured to finish them. 

5.Make sure you are taking a break when needed

You have a schedule,a time limit,your goals,but if you want to advance in a healthy way in life,you still need a break once in a while.Make sure you have short breaks so that you do not lose focus and remember tonot overwork yourself.

 Reward yourself when you complete a task

You can make a rewarding system,regarding the complexity of the task that you choose.

For example,if you just completed a very difficult task,that took you some time,you can reward yourself by buying a book that you like,or a piece of clothing that you want.Do not make the rewards too big to handle,but make them something cheap and easy to obtain,that makes you happy,be it an activity,or something that can be bought.

Time: 5 steps on how to organize it easily

If you make yourself and your time a priority,you can take small steps to make a better and happier you.


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