Time management- Why is it important to abide by a schedule?


All of us are busy sometimes. We have things to do: school/university, work and even leisure activities! But, if you ask me, it’s really important to keep a certain balance and not to have the tendency to overdo one and letting the others aside. For example, if you work and go to university, you have to be presentable and work while studying and passing your exams. At the same time, it’s not all about work, you have to save time for hanging out with your friends or for relaxing. What can you do? Well, I will tell you what I do. I have a schedule and I try my best to respect every deadline by abiding by it. With that being said, today I’m going to talk about time management and why is it important to abide by a schedule.

What exactly is time management?

With the risk of stating the obvious, I’ll answer this question. Time management consists of planning and organizing your tasks and dividing your time. By doing this, you know exactly what to do and when to do it and it increases your productivity.

During these times, when we mostly stay home, it is important to understand what time management is and how to make the most of it.

Why should you schedule your time?

I think that scheduling your tasks can be an art when done right and it can bring you so many benefits. For example, you will feel more accomplished and you can realistically choose what you can do or can’t do. We as human beings have the tendency to do a lot of things and not finish them. This is why it’s important to write them down and think: “Can I do this or not?”.

Time is an important resource and, even though you can’t buy it, you shouldn’t waste it either. This is why it’s important to have a schedule and abide by it: you can find a balance between work, school and your hobbies. Not only will you get more things done, but you will also be happier!

In addition, a schedule establishes routine. Yes, I know, routine is boring, but it relaxes you sometimes, because everything is in order and you don’t freak out just as easy.

How to schedule your time without feeling overwhelmed

First of all, whenever you have something to do or choose to do a certain thing, write it down, set a deadline and respect it. If it’s a longer task, set goals like: “I have a 5-page essay to do, so I have to write about 2.5 pages in 2 days and I’m done!”. Trust me, it helps! I do that all the time and this is how I get things done.

Secondly, prioritize activities and do them in the order of their respective deadlines. This is how you don’t miss anything. If you have an urgent activity, do that first. Well, I think that goes without saying!

Try organizing your activities by categories: whatever suits you best! You can sort them by deadlines, relevance or impact. For example, I choose to organize them by deadlines, because I like this kind of order. Moreover, choose a time of the day when you’re the most productive: for me it’s afternoon!

I hope I made you consider starting to sort things out on a schedule. Trust me, your life will be so much better! You will not only feel more relaxed, but you will also have more time to do the things you love. Oh, and it reduces stress levels. See? You have nothing to lose and it brings you nothing but advantages!

If you are bored and want to fill your free time with interesting activities, check this out!


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